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Please add a hotkey to L for New Lighting...  

PS.  This is a great tool!  I wish I could download it to use on my offline Dev Rig...  =)

It's C for New lighting (I don't remember why). Cheers!

thanks for making 

umm for some reason

70 percent of the keys do not work 


it seems to like hexagons


hexagons are the bestagons


This would be better if it was just the floor plans. 


And the moss and stones included. They are really cute


Any chance of putting this style into the mansion generator?

What do you mean by style? This kind of building shapes or colors/outlines/highlights?

I'll try the moss and stones, not sure though how they'll go with untextured surfaces... 


The moss and stones are a very cute detail


thats odd, i like. Its very polished and lag free, and works very well. i Just would like to see a menu with the controls, to be sure im doing it right.

also, thats good to build in minecraft


Going to add export to PNG with transparent background?



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Please! :) Though I love all your work, this one has so much potential if it had just a couple upgrades:

  1. Export (with no background)
  2. Floorplan with no roof

Seriously, your work is impressive. Thank you very much for contributing to the community!


I'm waiting for the day when you combine all your tools and thus create a "fantasy world generator" xD 

Very good generator, as always. 

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Great generator, love the appearance of the little paths especially.  Some improvements/features I would like:

  • softer light on the cone shapes,
  • warp tool to change the basic shape or 'line' of the manor,
  • more toggle-able details such as you mentioned in your patreon post (chimneys, decorations, clutter),
  • custom color palettes,
  • toggle ability to standardize gable types across a building to provide more "unity" to the architectural style.

Additionally, what I immediately was thinking about is a tie-in to MegaSploot's Wonderdraft program.  At a basic level, if it were possible to export these as png's with custom color palette (such that colors could be set to Red, Green, Blue) they could easily be imported as Symbols to his program and town maps be made quickly.  On a significantly more involved level, requiring colloboration with MegaSploot, an in-program generator when placing building symbols.  Of course, that is likely a pipe dream.

But in any case, I look forward to whatever comes out of the mind of Watabou next!


Thanks! Some comments:

  • Intensity of specular light is a random parameter, sometimes it's zero (e.g. the first row, the second column on this image).
  • There will be some sort of editing tool, but first I'm going to enable creating more diverse shapes procedurally.
  • All my generators get customizable colors eventually :)
  • I'm not sure I get what you mean by "standardize gable types". Is it about some parts of the same building having gable roofs and other having hip roofs?
  • I don't know about support of "custom colors" mode, but at the very least there will PNG export with transparent background.

Regarding the gabled roofs, I meant dormers - the bits that stick out of the roof along a side.  And regarding "custom colors", basically it would just be using the palettes to color the house in three colors (red, green, blue) which Wonderdraft can then map to different colors within that software.


Beautiful! I could enjoy some more grass though :)


Another Watabou spectacular. hope we can get to download it as PNG at least. it would be great if we could get floorplans a la Mansions.


Woo another great one bro! I also wish for offline programs cause I fear one day I may not be able to access your stuff anymore for one reason or another.


This is awesome! Is this a possible prelude to a more comprehensive city/town generator or is it something that will be merged with your 3d mansion generator?


I love your work, I just wish you'd make desktop versions as well. :(


Amazing job, as always. Keep up the good work!

I would love to see some more options, like backgrounds and house size.