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Nice concept!

only i can't seem to go anywhere, even if I unboarded a door and say f.e. go to the bedroom, it says you can't go there

try "enter" rather than "go to"

can you turn on light in the game, & how

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how does the game work? i've tried typing and clicking but nothing happens and i can't progress past the first text box, what should i do?

Does the command line work for you? Can you enter any text next to ">" sign?

no but I assumed that's where i was supposed to type, but nothing came up, not even when i tried typing in "Help". should there be a blinking bar beneath the arrow? if so it's not there.

I see. So there is no blinking cursor next to the ">" prompt, it doesn't appear after clicking there and typing... er... doesn't produce anything on the screen, right? Sorry, I suppose it's one of Haxe's glitches (in which this thing is written), there are many of them and text is the worst. Have you tried the html version?

Hm, okay i'll try the html one. thanks for help!