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Really solid game built on a pretty simple mechanic, I found myself playing for 30 min. Excellent work!


hard, but can be


So deceptively hard... I enjoyed this game!


those wolves are the worst

Deleted post

Great game! Brutal when you die, but I keep going back for more. Great mechanic :-)


very good game i enjoyed it very much thank you


Really good game

But the fact that the game is "slow" make the game annoying. Because if at each dead we need to restart everything we want that to be fast. Not waiting the hook to reach his goal.

But that's really cool ! I love play it


Great work mate


Level 17 gets me every time… I really wish I monsters wouldn't attack the same turn they were revealed.

I'll try to fix the issue a bit later as we described here.


Surprisingly fun for how simple it is, by the way posted your game over on reddit- did pretty well and they've got a handful of suggestions with possibly more to come.

Thank you (and sorry for not replying earlier)!


very fun game with a very interesting concept  


Very cool, wish you tracked top runs as well, though.

Wich technology do you use? GameMaker? lime.ndll, std.dll C++? Custom cross-platform-engine?

This one is made with Haxe + OpenFL

I liked the Android version!