A downloadable game for Windows and Mac OS X

This game is created for #LOWREZJAM 2016 challenge.

You need to defend the castle besieged by bad guys (easily identified by their dark armours). Hold out for 9 turns until reinforcements arrive.

The game is card-based and it reproduces some of the Hearthstone's mechanics. Each turn you get a random card which represent a useful action. During your turn you can perform maximum 2 actions. Here the list of all possible actions:

  • You can send a Defender to defend the castle. Defenders can't attack, but they don't let the enemies to attack the castle until they get killed.
  • You can send an Attacker to attack enemy units.
  • You can order your Archers to shoot. Your archers are not particularly good, so they will inflict only moderate damage to one random enemy unit.
  • You can order to use a Ballista. The ballista will destroy any enemy unit you want with just one shot.
  • You can use Magic to attack all the enemies at the same time. Very effective against a large army.
  • You can try to play for time and Repair your castle.
  • You can take Counsel with your officers. This will give you 3 additional cards.
  • You can send a Call for help. It will take you one turn closer to the victory.

More information

Published191 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
TagsCard Game, Fantasy, Pixel Art
Player countSingleplayer


CastleDefense.zip (3 MB)
CastleDefense.app.zip (4 MB)


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and any chance this or switch hook will hit ios ??

wow you should really expand upon this game, so simple but so fun !! I want more =)