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Jojooo, I'd won with only 1 hp left. Nice game.


i loved it. it is amazing.


Everytime I want to launch .exe file,my game is just stopping to work.Please fix it!

For me it works without any problem, this means that chances to fix it are slim. Why don't you want to use the web version?


ohhh,I am so noobish...I didn't realise that.I was go straight to the Download page.Sorry for Your time!!!


It's pretty fun, but a bit too easy. I think it has potential, especially if you add multiplayer.


Really liked it, once I figured out how it worked. Would love a little more depth, maybe an endless mode, and an android version.


Cute game. Love the pixel art style.

It took me a while to figure out how it works. It needs explanations on the cards, or a tutorial.

I would play this again if I could play against a friend.


Playing on Chrome, the Baliistas are not enabled, and the Attackers don't do anything.

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Click an attacker and then click an enemy to attack.


Really cool game, congrats. Only needed to play twice to win :D


1 shot MLG

When do you think the sky part is going to be added? It's amazing!


Cool little game, nice job man!

I really like this game, but it's too easy. Counsel and magic are OP. Looks great though.

and any chance this or switch hook will hit ios ??


wow you should really expand upon this game, so simple but so fun !! I want more =)