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Loving the simplicity and the overall design. The way the map moves and expands as you enter rooms is truly a highlight. The combat concept is the inverse of Myst, but fits the game well.

Found a small bug where the character doesn't pick up a clue if you go to the clue's known location directly from another room - you have to step out of that square and step back in.

Another great game of yours that could be developed just a little further, right up there with Patient Rogue and Book Hunter.


A cool concept! I would totally be interested to see it expanded further!


I like it but cannot seem to win. :| Each time I almost got all the clues I die. And when I finally got 'em I also die. Any way to restore power?

There is no way to restore health, so basically you need to minimize the number of enemy attacks (each of them inflicts 1 point of damage) and for that you may want to attack an enemy only when your power is 2 or 3 (preferably 3) and retreat when it is 1. Never enter a room with "disturbed spirit" (i.e. an unexplored room) while being chased by a "vengeful spirit".


Hey, thanks a lot! I managed to do it this time. :D Also I love how you used some of the techniques from Pixel Dungeon in this game. Makes you become really careful actually. lol


Cool idea!


This isn't a failure 😂

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Bug: If you press space when a clue is open, you gain more clues




The room generation and animations are very satisfying. The random clue descriptions are funny too! I really felt I was investigating something : )


This attempt did not fail.


really like how the map reveals itself