1.1.0: regular staircases and basements

This update is going to be the last one in the series. The generator is fun to work on because it provides uncommon problems to solve, but I'm getting tired of it and it's not like very popular with users anyway. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to implement props (furniture, statues etc.), but here is what I did have time for...



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Normal stairs are really useful. This'll definitely make it a lot more helpful for getting inspiration for interiors. Thank you and awesome work!


I have a few projects like this where they present the interesting challenge but feel as though they might be very niche.  I appreciate being able to follow along with your journey through this but don't forget: It was always your journey and if you need a break, that's your journey too.


I am also very fond of your work, every time I get an email I check it out. I love how detailed I can make cities and how quickly I can respond to a player's request to go somewhere new. I understand if your feeling like a new challenge but your work is 100% appreciated!


It is a great generator. I use it to make detailled taverns and other buildings of your superb city and village generator. I’m a big fan of your creations.


Thanks for all your work!


It's an amazing timesaver for people like me who keep overthinking layouts, so thanks for making it!


"not like very popular with users anyway."  Well, I'm very fond of it.


it’s popular with at least one person (me) so with the stair upgrade here I’ll be using it for my next rpg night! Thank you!


I've got lots of city locations I want to use this for, once my group gets off it's summer hiatus. It has very good from the outset and I'm excited for it's potential in my game(s)!


It may not be popular yet but can be later. Thank you for your great work, anyway.


I'm so appreciative of all your generators. Thank you for putting as much effort into this one as you have!