This is a simple 4x-ish turn-based strategy game about expanding an island empire of your tribe and crushing enemy tribes. It is created for #procjam 2015 and it is not meant to be treated as a real game ;)

This not-a-real-game has an ugly UI, a rather stupid AI and it is badly balanced (and I'm not even mentioning bugs!), but it's playable. Maybe I'll try to make something out of it...

  • Build flotillas to colonize uninhabited islands and assault enemies' islands.
  • Construct buildings to improve your islands and make them stronger.
  • Destroy your enemies and don't let them destroy you.
Tip: try pressing SHIFT key to view additional info about islands right on the map.

The game is created using Phaser.


"Colossus" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Made with Phaser

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(135 total ratings)
Made withPhaser
Tags4X, Turn-based Strategy


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No way to win, as the rest of the islands are unreachable, but I did get to tech lvl 100

Yeah, the game doesn't validate maps, so this happens occasionally. Sorry about that...


I feel like this game is very dependent on your start. If you have large islands close together, you will probably do better (unless your neighbor has larger and even closer islands). If you only have smaller islands strung out like an archipelago, you are hosed.


i did it! :)


Turn 189 what a battle


Turn 172 I decided to do castling just to be safe both npc still alive with no armor or weapon upgrades


I found a glitch if both sides all die in a fight the screen stays like this

I cant click anything


Same it was gut wrenching. Turn 300 and then this happens. XD. Seems you were playing for longer though.


Turn 215 finally seen an ncp to fight saddly i tried fighting it but kept beeing swarmed with to many boats to be able to take another island


Short Game would had it sooner if the and had them both defeated on same turn if that 1 ship you see by the island didnt decide to rest their instead of fighting


can you make the ai lees aggresive


they are vikings (sort of), they are supposed to be aggressive :)


they atack way to much i can barly get time to build stuff before the kill my best islands

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Good to play defencive until you find a good weakness to strike posibly you have tons of units and they have an island with no walls and low units things like that


Tricky to take them both down on the same turn

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so i was playing and found out if everyone dies on both sides pre-battle (i.e. siege flotolla and castle come together) it softlocks the battle and therefore the game


Got this as well ... almost taken their headcounter island T_T 

Well that explains why my screen went to black and I cant do anything after playing for 200 and some turns


I just get "Generating archipelago" forever

Sounds like something breaks on the way. Could you check your browser console for any messages?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
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Okay, I think it might have to do with cookies. I'm getting a pile of "Cookie "" has been rejected as third-party." attached to stuff that sounds like game stuff.

It works on MS Edge. Third browser is a charm, eh?


its really a great game!

Do you have the logic in js. I would like to help out this game. I am using gdevelop


This game was made for a game jam many years ago and I'm not developing it anymore. But maybe I'll remake it one day.


Nice little game, it doesn't take much time to play and easy to master, give it a try!


Won the game in under 250 turns and didn't even count


It's a fantastic game, especially for people who have little spare time but still want to play a strategy game. As the creator describes, it is a little game, so it does not have much depth, which I find very convenient. Whenever I have free time, I play Ocean Tribes.

It would be great for the game to have the potential to expand somehow and save the player's current state. Furthermore, I would like the expansion to take place procedurally so that the game never ends!

I like the artificial intelligence it incorporates, as well as the balance in the game.

Congratulations again on the beautiful work.


Thank you! I'm thinking about rewriting it from scratch, I'm sure I can make a better game out of the idea now than 6(!!!) years ago.

I'm looking forward to seeing a newer version. I'm sure it will be even better.


I got a little stuck.... Everybody exploded at once and the game couldn't proceed.

Just had the same experience. Maybe the new version will make this a return to unoccupied

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That is so hard !

But  I won ;)

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It's a Very fun game spent around 3 days in combined hours playing my record is 400 turns since that is too high for what seems to be average of 300 turns i'll update later

PS: Make it downloadable pls


Was like 20 min for me


I have spent an unhealthy number of hours on this


tem bastante potencial 

has a lot of potential 


Men: Chief, enemy tribes are attacking from the Northwest AND from the Southeast!

Me: Let's take our belongings and escape to the Northeast, and try to establish a foothold there.

Men: But we can't take our buildings with us.

Me: Then let's burn them to the ground and leave nothing to our enemies!

Men: We can't do that either.

Me: ... (refreshes page)

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Enjoying this game, played dozens of times! This might be the most unique one so far...almost 200 turns and full tech, can't even see the opponents yet. XD

Edit: took until Tech level 23 to sail far enough, but at least I can finish!


My new speed record: 168 turns to win. It was 167, but the game pushed the message one turn later.


This is a great little game, and quite addictive!

The first 2 or 3 games I played I got ahead at the start but was later overwhelmed after ~300 turns.

The next game I think I got a "lucky seed" but also I noticed a few more details which seemed to help: the population capacity of the islands (making some more valuable and defensible), "stone" and "timber" islands (presumably give a bonus to production?) and the fact that building a flotilla depletes your population, which needs time to replenish.

I realised with the last part that in the previous games I had weakened my islands by producing flotillas too frequently. With this knowledge in hand I just won in 250 turns!

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Hi Watabou,

I am playing this game for years now and my record is 122 turns.

But I can not figure out the best way to get workshop. Sometimes I get the upgrade after tech level 8, sometimes it comes later. Sometimes it comes before the "warriors stronger" update, sometimes after...

Is it just random? Does it depend on the population size as well?

And what is difference with the timber and rock islands? 


Technologies come in a randomized order, you can check that order by clicking the research progress bar at the top right order.

Rock islands provide production speed bonus (buildings are built faster on such islands). "Timber" islands are actually "game" islands, they provide population growth bonus.


Ah wow... I thought the randomization is a bug.

Thank you for your answer, now I have to beat my own record while waiting for a battleship like multiplayer. :)


let me just tell you, this game was *AMAZING.* Got me hooked for HOURS!



Finally I managed to win in 340 turns haha really good game I love it


first time I played I was not sure what to expect, got in a back and forth stalemate with the Rus until the Danes came out of nowhere. Victory in 454 turns. 

Second time I played, expanded outwards fast until I saw an enemy, fortified the islands that they could see and built siege ships rapidly. Victory in 164 turns. I noticed on this second run my tech level was advancing way faster than my enemies, since I took many central islands and kept them from expanding. They never even upgraded their warriors to armor, let alone get siege ships that could attack me back. 


super fun, im going to lose, and yet i am smiling... i will take that rock island, before i die tho, i will!~


I keep losing :(
However, I often get a sort of bug: blue enemy ships stays on the map, once they arrive to my isles, even if they are doing "nothing".  Also, those "ghost" ships hide my ship on the isles, so I can't see at glance if I have one of my ships on the isle...

It be good to place defences right away knowing you lose more men attacking than defending

I think those ships always "frozen" on my isles are a sort of glitch.


WOW, a really incredible game, its too good, i was playing like a hour and a half just to coquest all the islands, i would like a see a full version with more features.

theres any plan to make a more features?, i really would pay for this, keep the great work


Thank you. I've been planning to expand it for a long time, but other projects have higher priorities. I still hope ti will happen.


Awesome and addictive lol, I got really close to winning and one of the battles came to a draw and it just froze /w the battle screen up.


I remeber showing a pitcher of a tie if you look though the comment


I'm playing on a mac. I keep getting a bug that causes the game screen to go entirely blank. I can still hear the music, but all I can see is white. Only solution I've been able to find so far is to reload, which resets the game. Can someone suggest a solution that would let me keep playing? Because otherwise I can't get very far!


Ah! Switching to full screen and/or back sometimes fixes it!


really good for what it is

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Not sure if you intend to keep working on this game. I find it quite entertaining and have played through a number of times now.

I find the early game is much more fun than the late game as the game moves more quickly.  A few easy changes could allow the game to play more smoothly as you increase the number of your islands:

- move the updates from the top left corner to appear above the islands (perhaps remove them once the island is selected so that they don't obscure the playing field, battle indicators could probably fade away after a few seconds as you already have the animation to indicate to the player that the battle happened.)

- some indicator that an island is idle (unless there is no available upgrades and already a flotilla)

-an indicator that the island has reached max population (mostly just important when there is already a flotilla, so maybe indicate with the flotilla)

A few other small changes that I think would improve the game, though may not match your vision

- tween ships after each turn rather than just changing their positions.
[Edit: Oops, just realized you do tween the ships. It's pretty fast and they are deleted early when attacking an island.]

- when possible, automatically start on a flotilla if no building upgrade has been selected (this would also help speed up late game)

-add a tech upgrade that allows queuing upgrades

- don't immediately kill extra migrants when it exceeds the population capacity of the island. Maybe, remove some each turn (perhaps as a function of how far over capacity the island is?) Or perhaps put the flotilla in the harbor with the extra migrants. This might make distant islands more useful as well.

-because upgrades and population growth are both dependent on current population size, small sized islands are dramatically under-powered. The workshop does a little to help balance this, but they remain deeply handicapped. Starting out next to only small islands can make the game pretty much unbeatable; conversely starting out near large islands can rob the game of most of its challenge. It's nice that each game is different, but it feels a little too extreme. I'm not really sure what the best solution to this would be, perhaps you could deal with it during island generation. Maybe you could make islands exist in little clusters that usually have at least one large island and several small ones to spread them out more evenly over the map. Perhaps there could be some mutually exclusive upgrades that help regardless of population size, for example instead of building a storehouse maybe you could build a blacksmith that would increase the fighting strength of your troops. In this way, on large islands it might be wise to build a storehouse,  but on small islands you could build a blacksmith. Maybe a lighthouse instead of a shipyard that increases the view distance of that island (and/or gives information about the destination of enemy ships)? If you add this, it might be a good idea to allow the deconstruction of upgrades.

-perhaps allow a few more starting teams?

A couple bugs I've noticed

- When a ship is going to attack an island on the turn, but the island becomes captured before the ship can attack, the ship becomes stuck and simply sits at the island's harbor for the rest of the game. If the ship is en route to the island when the island is captured, there is no problem.

- Less annoying bug, when you have an  island selected, and reinforcements arrive the population display isn't updated until you click away and click back.

-A couple of times I've encountered a problem where the progress bar for building a flotilla doesn't update, but I don't know how to reproduce it.

[Edit: -when holding shift, and clicking next turn, the info isn't updated. For example, if an outpost is completed.]

Again, very nice game. You have done a good job.


This has some kind of bug that when I conquer an enemy island,the suposed reenforcement enemy ship (that was gonna reenforce that island)just stays there by the island shores not moving nor anything.


There's literally no reacheable island aside from those 3...

It means you don't need to worry about invasion :)


Well that nice compared to 1 time where i couldnt see any of them but they both can get to me

If they see you, but not vice versa, it means they are more advanced in seafaring than you. You just need to wait for the right technology to pop up for you. Judging by the turn count on your screenshot the map is just wrong. I don't check for such cases, didn't even expect it was possible.

Well in that round i been getting plenty of islands that were around but by time the time i notice them they both rushed at me


Is this game playable on an iPad? I can seem to do anything, I can tap on islands but nothing happen

Apparently it's unstable on tablets atm (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't), has changed something. I'll try to fix it.

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