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I think generator should include the size of dungeon option.


The generator wasn't planned as something really useful, it's just a toy. It chooses the size basing on the name, for example abbeys are always large and chapels are small. Depending on the future of the project I'll probably add some customization options.


This is seriously awesome for something you've just bashed together for a monthly challenge. I think the notes would work better as prompts rather than specific things. Use the old DMG room classifications of of Guardian, Challenge, puzzle, combat, Trap, Treasure, Treasure with monster, treasure with trap.

I'm not familiar with this classification, but it sounds very close to what I was going to implement initially. For example, I had Monsters, Trap, Guarded Treasure (=Monsters+Treasure) etc. Only Treasure and Event (NPC | Curiosity) got into the published version.

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In older versions of D&D they provided some basic guidelines for stocking new dungeons or restocking dungeons that had been left idle or abandoned by the players. These rules were more useful in the days when modules were rare or expensive and budding DMs were forced to use their limited skills and imaginations. There is a nice little summary of methods used between editions  here: 

Here is also some newer interpretations of the idea with sub tables in practice should you wish to investigate further.

Thanks again for the generator by the way. I have used it to flesh out two mini side treks in a sandbox I'm developing. It really is a wonderful tool. 

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