Keyboard shortcuts

  • Enter - new dungeon
  • Tab - open Tags dialog
  • S - open Style dialog
  • Shift+Space - reroll notes
  • Space - rearrange notes
  • N - toggle notes mode
  • L - toggle legend
  • R - toggle Rotate-to-fit
  • H - toggle secrets
  • M - toggle Monochrome
  • G - toggle grid
  • Shift+G - toggle grid mode
  • 1 - normal cells
  • 2 - small cells
  • W - toggle water
  • Shift+W - raise water
  • P - toggle props
  • C - toggle corners
  • E - save as PNG
  • Shift+E - export as PNG
  • J- export as JSON


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I'm doing some things incorrectly.  Help!  I am trying to generate a dungeon with the tags that I have highlighted, but when I generate  the dungeon, it randomly uses tags that I have not highlighted.

And I have somehow lost the ability to know how to leave notes off but still generate room numbers.

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

Yeah, tags here are a bit confusing. You request tags you'd like to have and generate tries to build a dungeon satisfying those tags, but it often fails to get exactly what you were asking for. It was the first generator with this tags interface and I didn't know what I was doing :) I'll have to remake it one day.

I'm not sure I get what is the problem with notes, but changing their mode (Notes in the context menu) to Default, Tailed or Legend will probably help.


Some of the short-cuts here do not line up. Specifically shift-space generates new note and space moves them. I also cannot find any 'secrets' in the maps ive generated but that might be user error.

  • You are right about notes. Fixed that in the post 👍
  • Secrets here are rooms separated from the rest of the dungeon by a "half-wall". They are not rare and here is a link to map with one: (a small room close to the entrance).  Please note, that "secrets visibility" is a persistent setting, so if you switched it off (e.g. accidentally) secret rooms won't be shown on any maps even after reloading the generator - check "View > Secret rooms" in the context menu.