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Well, I found you by searching city maps for my RPG, and discovered my favorite indie game developer! Actually I love Pixel Dungeon since 2018 and now this, a really nice card game, certainly roguelike on the better way. 

My single complain is over the low spawn of Food cards, this is kinda frustrating, but I understand the concept, the game pretends to be hard.

Now I should say... Have you ever thought about turning this on a physical card game, printing deck and stuff? I am sure it could be sucesfull and a lot more accessful.

Imagine a party, rushing through the dungeons randomly shuffled by their own hands!

Think about it, its a unique concept, a marry between classic role-playing and cards.

Thank you! I will probably try something like this as my interests shift towards tabletop games lately :)


Very nice and fun!


aside from my response below, i wanted to say that your game really catch most of the things i fond essential to roguelikes (aside from, probably, identification). it is certainly leaves better impression than card roguelikes with no map that lack tangibility or roguepuzzles that usually have more stuff but less... i dunno how it put in words... tightness? think dungelot. basically youve managed to land in a sweetspot. for the jam entry its just perfect.

i have one minor suggestion. after finding amulet (or what the goal card is... sorry, no shift-clicking for a phone, as i said!)  on a lower level, it would be nice of there were an option to delve deeper with a couple more stages, with the guaranteed amulet in the second (or maybe third) one. it may not really have a purpose without scoring, but sometimes you just want to test your hand, yaknow?

ah, just got an idea for the ingame help. similar to [x] mark to the right, you could add [?] mark to the left (and even on the starting screen really). clicking it would display "Drag card here to learn about its properties. (You can also Shift-Click card to reveal the description)x and dragging card there would work as shift-click currently. that shurely would be more obvious for new players.


I had plans to expand the game, to add different environments with slightly different monsters (enchanted woods, sewers etc) and some other features to make it work as a real game. It's put on hold atm.

This is a really good idea with dragging a card to special place on the board to get info about it. I'll try to implement it next when I get to the game 👍

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Thanks a lot for this little gem!! I discovered the game last year and I´ve playing it for many many months. really nice for casual players that does not have time to play a long in time game. 

I would like to request you a downloadble version, because even in 2019 there are people that does not have internet conection everywhere to play online.

Best regards and million thanks for this great game ;)

p.s.- Im also planing to create the game with pieces of paper to play when I dont have internet or a computer available. really will be fun translate the game to the paper and pencil version ;)

Will do 👍


Thank you Watabou! :-)


Cool stuf fam

This game does have potential, as it is simple enough and playable, but for the time being - November 2019 - it is simply underdeveloped and unbalanced, lacking basic informational descriptions in the first place. I do understand it is a roguelike and it is supposed to be tough, as well as anyone knowing the roguelikes and card games alike would find their way around easy, nonetheless I am afraid the way it is now, the accessibility of Patient Rogue suffers. Besides, I would rather opt for the game to be completable, rather than infuriating. Nobody is going to keep trying forever.

  1. About being underdeveloped: please note that this is an entry for a game jam, not a real game
  2. About lacking descriptions: are you aware that you can shift+click a card to see its description?
  3. About not being completable: well, I get the amulet 4 times of 5, at least with a Fighter. I know it doesn't help, but it's true.

For certain you are right, but mind two things. First, from what I have heard, developers sometimes loose measure of how good they get at playing their game, expecting comparable level of skill from the players. This ought to be a small game, right? Other thing, is the patience.

But I guess that I may not properly understand how roguelike games are meant to be. For the shift+click, I did not know, but perhaps it is maybe too obscure, then? Why not make it more transparent, easier to spot? Still, the case is accessibility.

...perhaps it is maybe too obscure, then? Why not make it more transparent, easier to spot?

This is obviously my bad, can't argue with that. I will update the description of the game.

developers sometimes loose measure of how good they get at playing their game, expecting comparable level of skill from the players.

Yes, indeed. I mentioned my winrate only to make the point. I mostly rely on players feedback, including yours. For now, judging by the overall feedback,  I see no reason to rush fixing the game difficulty.

This ought to be a small game, right?

This ought to be a roguelike game. If a player quits after just a few tries, it's not a very good game. If a player wins after just a few tries, it's not a roguelike game.

This ought to be a roguelike game. If a player quits after just a few tries, it's not a very good game. If a player wins after just a few tries, it's not a roguelike game.

Well said, cannot argue with that.


love this game best one in

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The game is easy to understand and feels comfortable to play.  My characters dies  fast however!


Hmmm, very fun deck builder but I keep dying LOL. The RNG actually feels pretty decent and not like a total grab-bag of junk. Although I usually die due to said RNG (running out of weapons or having an alarm set off 4-5 enemies).


I like it, but there is truly no actual advantage of playing a class that isn't the Fighter.


What kind of advantage are you talking about? Do you think Monk and Warlock are weaker than Fighter or they are less fun to play? Because actually I think they are stronger, but also require more attention.


hi Watabou, i have really similar impression of the game to be fair. i do understand the advantages of the monk (and ive finished the game with the monk my first time), but i don't really see the strenghts of a warlock, only a kinda gimmicky difference of having a charmed enemy at the starting hand. maybe im missing something?

also shift-clicking on a phone isn't really an option...


oh, found the warlock stats in the comments.

oh, you speak russian... whatever, its too awkward to change language after two responses....


Cool concept and execution! :)


Honestly, everything in the game comes very well together and I think you should strongly consider developing this further.


decently cool . love this game.


Pretty addictive honestly.  Very cool concept and gameplay.


This game is amazing, easily the most innovative game I have seen in :O

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Oh wow, this is so similar to a physical game I have made inspired by Card Crawl. Spooky! Love it though, tough as nails


Some helper stuff for classes:

- Maximum health is 8 instead of 10
- Starts with a charmed imp
- Charmed monsters do 1dmg more
- "Heal" restores 1hp to all charmed monsters

- Maximum health is 12 and maximum hunger is 6 (instead of 7)
- Food restores 1hp
- When doesn't have "armor points" his unarmed damage is 2 instead of 1


This game is amazing!

Simple and strategic, yet pretty difficult. Very addictive!

It has potential for more variety and levels. 

I completed the game with all three players. Would definitely play again if there is an update. :)


Very cool game. It took me a bit to figure out, but I eventually managed to win using all three classes, although their pros/cons are still not entirely clear to me.

I wish there was a way to turn down/off the rather loud sounds and music.


Very addictive and fun game. Planned to play it for 5 minutes, ended up doing over 30 minutes. Very cool minimalistic graphic style, it's unexpected how much gameplay emerges out of such a simple combination of mechanics.


Thank you! I haven't yet given up the idea of making a real game out of it :)


It may seem simple at first with so little variety of cards, but there's a lot of possibilities and strategies to play by! Amazing!


fun but you starve to quickly


I swear there must be many rougue -like players who wanted this kind of game . Rogue with Card!


i really like this game


please make it downloadable


its downloadable if you are using the desktop app


this is dangerously addictive


Great game!

It's so cool how  a few simple rules can make such a great game!


I love it! This should get more attention as it's and excellent game. 


Excellent little game!  I've been playing it for a few months and enjoy seeing the new character options.


Win it with monk! Great ending, thanks!

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