How to play:

  • Traverse a number of dungeon levels to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor.
  • To advance to the next level you need to discover and play the exit card.
  • Some cards need a target to be played (e.g. drag a weapon card to an enemy card to attack that enemy with that weapon) and others do not (e.g. click an armor card to equip it).
  • Hunger level increases every time you turn a card face-up or play the exit card. At the maximum hunger level these actions cause 1 point of damage to the hero.
  • After turning a card face-up, attacking an enemy and playing the exit card all open enemies attack the hero.
  • Amount of damage enemies inflict to the hero depends on the difference between the current dungeon level and the current character level (see the indicator at the top right corner of the window).
  • You can attack an enemy without a weapon by simply clicking its card. Such attack inflicts 1 point of damage.
  • You can "lure" an enemy to a revealed trap by dragging the enemy card to the trap card (or vice versa).
  • An armor can be equipped only after "exhausting" a previously equipped one.
  • To discard a card from your hand drag it to the x-marked place at the right side of the window.
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(375 total ratings)
GenreCard Game
Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsDungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

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Monk is probably the easiest, but they are all very similar in difficulty.

Monk gets hungry faster, but heals when he eats which cancels it out.

So effectively he just has 2 more health than the fighter who has no perks, from what I can see. And 4 more health than the wizard who can do a little more damage with summons, but summons are not great anyway.

Since Hunger and health are most important, Monk wins.


Cool, maybe im just not use for this kind of game but it's fun to play anyways!


Great game, shorter than I thought it would have been.


In my opinion RNG is a little too dominant in this game. Fequently you can only complete a run if you "get lucky", and sometimes the game just RNGs you into a certain death.


Yeah with the lack of food the player has more or less no agency


good vibe gonna play these game alot love the art concenpt remind me on a card game i used to play amazing game 


That's a really cool game ! Great job :)


Great game, I love the concept. This game definitely have potential.


Veeery nice game, straightforward and clear! Was happy to play it.

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Epic game watabou


On the Brave Browser, this game is not playable as most of the words don't appear.


Just noticed the same thing. I wonder why?

I think I've heard about some trouble with Brave and one of my other apps. I don't have Brave installed and it doesn't sound like something I could possibly fix anyway, sorry.


Faced the same issue. Just turn off the Brave Shields. After that everything should works well.

(1 edit) (+7)(-1)

Hunger Cheat:

- Go to developer tools (F12)
- Press Ctrl+P and open the file "patientrogue.js"
- Press Ctrl+G and go to the line 4564
- Remove the line "this.discard();"
- Press Ctrl+S to save the changes.

And every time you use the food card, it will not be discarded and you will always have it in your hand.

(1 edit) (+2)

Remove "this.discard()" from line 4698 and swords will not be discarded


I keep finding myself coming back to this game during my coffee breaks, months later. It's one of my favorite games for when I just need to kill a few minutes, I don't think I could count the number of times I've won!

Deleted post

Lot of pixel dungeon inspiration huh


There's a small chance that that's because watabou was the original creator of Pixel Dungeon.

Just maybe, though.


Didn't realise that lol


Really cool and unique spin on the card genre. It may be a small game, but I could definitely play it all day if I was given the chance. Good job!


Have you ever died of starvation while picking card with food? :D 


"Auuugh I'm so huuungry! I-if - only I could-"

*touches cooked chicken leg*

*dies of starvation*


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I don't know what happened but...Somebody help me...

5 of a kind!!

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does anyone know if you can modify stats with the inspector tool?

Hard, but real. For example: if remove "if" in patientrogue.js on line 4741 you can set new armor any time.


I was thinking of making this an actual card game in my roleplaying group. But, to do so, I would need to make a deck of cards. Do you have all of the card images somewhere or is it best to just copy them as I turn them up


If you are using Chrome you can open More tools > Developer tools > Network. There you'll see all the resources the game uses (i.e. sounds and images) and their links so you'll be able to load them. For example: Amulet.


Great game mechanics and graphics.


Super fun!

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my favourite one is warlock. yep im a wierdo (heal=best spell)


This is really fucking good, with enough spit and polish I think this would sell really well as a more indepth and complete game. 


I love this game. Best for supporting procrastination XD


And sometimes, game wants you to be Meatapod :D


bro I'm dying 🤣


Lack of food ruins it :(


Hunger mechanic is annoying because food is not guaranteed. Three times in a row I didn't get any food and lost because of it not appearing on any floors...

Deleted post

after reading this comment i think they should nerf heal

(3 edits) (+1)

It might be cool if there are more kinds of mechanic to relieve hunger in compensate of some other resources. e.g. spells that converting damage this turn into minus hunger points


This a really neat idea! I had a great time playing even if I just sucked too much in this game XD


what are the benefits of each class



bro that's so cool, thanks so much, imma start playing a bit more with monk, also, is fighter a neutral?

Neutral? More like default. For the simple reason of being implemented first.


This is really cool! I've been playing it for a while now



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feels nice, did a few tries with fighter and completed it

soooooo nice, can't show image cause it wont let me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


simply great, all my friends liked it and i find it nice


Great idea, I did multiple runs. I like the card effects very much. It needs a little bit of polishment and it's very fun experience :) keep up the great work.

+ fun simple concept

+ art

- effects are not transparent (until you read to use shift+click)

- not enough food (I would suggest to always generate 1 food per floor or smth)


Very well put together and simple. Love it. 


...and again, after a couple of tries, with the Warlock! ❤

(2 edits) (+1)

Also, with Shift-Click on the hero's avatar, you should give the differences between the classes. I discovered that I do 2 damages with no weapons, with the Monk. In-game infos (like mini tutorial or info-balloons) are so useful and "modern", while separate instructions or random discoveries are not, imho.

EDIT: mmm... no, I'm probably wrong about the Monk. But I can bet I see it doing 2 damages when I clicked on low rank enemies...


Et voilà. Other 5 or so tries, and the Monk is done too! Very nice game, again.



Yes, the Monk does 2 points of damages unarmed, but only when no armour is equipped.

It was proposed to implement an alternative way for getting info - by dragging a card onto a special place (like with "X", but marked with "?" or something). That would be more discoverable and what's even important, usable on mobiles.


Man, you absolutely need to put the info about Shift-Click more visible. It's really useful for spells, and I discovered by chance. Awesome mini game, however.

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PS: I did it! Lvl.12, with the Warrior, after about 10 tries. Used at best both Food and Heal (while Starving), learnt about the Spells so I used them at best.
Probably the winning chances are good as they are, 'cause of course you don't have to win EVERY time.

Автор что програмер каперов

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