How to play:

  • Traverse a number of dungeon levels to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor.
  • To advance to the next level you need to discover and play the exit card.
  • Some cards need a target to be played (e.g. drag a weapon card to an enemy card to attack that enemy with that weapon) and others do not (e.g. click an armor card to equip it).
  • Hunger level increases every time you turn a card face-up or play the exit card. At the maximum hunger level these actions cause 1 point of damage to the hero.
  • After turning a card face-up, attacking an enemy and playing the exit card all open enemies attack the hero.
  • Amount of damage enemies inflict to the hero depends on the difference between the current dungeon level and the current character level (see the indicator at the top right corner of the window).
  • You can attack an enemy without a weapon by simply clicking its card. Such attack inflicts 1 point of damage.
  • You can "lure" an enemy to a revealed trap by dragging the enemy card to the trap card (or vice versa).
  • An armor can be equipped only after "exhausting" a previously equipped one.
  • To discard a card from your hand drag it to the x-marked place at the right side of the window.
GenreCard Game
Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsDungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

Development log


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does anyone know if you can modify stats with the inspector tool?


I was thinking of making this an actual card game in my roleplaying group. But, to do so, I would need to make a deck of cards. Do you have all of the card images somewhere or is it best to just copy them as I turn them up


If you are using Chrome you can open More tools > Developer tools > Network. There you'll see all the resources the game uses (i.e. sounds and images) and their links so you'll be able to load them. For example: Amulet.


Great game mechanics and graphics.


Super fun!

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my favourite one is warlock. yep im a wierdo (heal=best spell)


This is really fucking good, with enough spit and polish I think this would sell really well as a more indepth and complete game. 


I love this game. Best for supporting procrastination XD


And sometimes, game wants you to be Meatapod :D


bro I'm dying 🤣


Lack of food ruins it :(


Hunger mechanic is annoying because food is not guaranteed. Three times in a row I didn't get any food and lost because of it not appearing on any floors...

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This isn't too much of an issue if you treat health as a food source also. You can:

  • Always have at least one wound so +1 health on level-ups isn't wasted,
  • Deliberately lose health while exploring to maximize effects from Heals,
  • Energize either Terror or Vanish for extra energy,
  • Use Rest when you are 1 point away from starving status and with very low health,
  • Use Scout on levels with 9-10 cards to maximize the effect,
  • Leech away for 2 health.

Doing it this way makes dying from starvation very rare. For me at least, most losses come from getting flooded with cards early so you have to skip some and use others suboptimally.

after reading this comment i think they should nerf heal


This a really neat idea! I had a great time playing even if I just sucked too much in this game XD


what are the benefits of each class



bro that's so cool, thanks so much, imma start playing a bit more with monk, also, is fighter a neutral?

Neutral? More like default. For the simple reason of being implemented first.


This is really cool! I've been playing it for a while now



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feels nice, did a few tries with fighter and completed it

soooooo nice, can't show image cause it wont let me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


simply great, all my friends liked it and i find it nice


Great idea, I did multiple runs. I like the card effects very much. It needs a little bit of polishment and it's very fun experience :) keep up the great work.

+ fun simple concept

+ art

- effects are not transparent (until you read to use shift+click)

- not enough food (I would suggest to always generate 1 food per floor or smth)


Very well put together and simple. Love it. 


...and again, after a couple of tries, with the Warlock! ❤

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Also, with Shift-Click on the hero's avatar, you should give the differences between the classes. I discovered that I do 2 damages with no weapons, with the Monk. In-game infos (like mini tutorial or info-balloons) are so useful and "modern", while separate instructions or random discoveries are not, imho.

EDIT: mmm... no, I'm probably wrong about the Monk. But I can bet I see it doing 2 damages when I clicked on low rank enemies...


Et voilà. Other 5 or so tries, and the Monk is done too! Very nice game, again.



Yes, the Monk does 2 points of damages unarmed, but only when no armour is equipped.

It was proposed to implement an alternative way for getting info - by dragging a card onto a special place (like with "X", but marked with "?" or something). That would be more discoverable and what's even important, usable on mobiles.


Man, you absolutely need to put the info about Shift-Click more visible. It's really useful for spells, and I discovered by chance. Awesome mini game, however.

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PS: I did it! Lvl.12, with the Warrior, after about 10 tries. Used at best both Food and Heal (while Starving), learnt about the Spells so I used them at best.
Probably the winning chances are good as they are, 'cause of course you don't have to win EVERY time.

Автор что програмер каперов

бля я дальше третьего уровня не двигаюсь. че так еборит то


this game is incredible! thank you for sharing.


My only wish is to be able to download it so I can play it offline on my phone.


It's hard not to starve to death, but otherwise it's a compelling game.


i am dying of hunger more or less 100% of the time


you need to increase the chance of finding food and its a perfect game


Super fun! I just had to binge it until I made it to level 12 haha.

Thank you for this fun game! <3


can you add the 'Mute' command?


nice game. I play it every day since a couple of years. Love it very much.


Anyone else noticed that almost all the sound effects are the same as in Pixel Dungeon?


The number of times I've had to scramble to mute my phone late at night as that gong sounds!


Not bad! Enjoyable!
The player is maybe a bit too much in the hand of randomness, even for a roguelike. Also, it's anti-climatic that the most frequent death is by starvation -- it's not just that many of these deaths are unfair (the game just did't give you enough food): even as for "unfair" deaths go, they should better be more often by violence: hunger is just not too exciting.


I kind of like how hunger works here, it is very harsh. But yeah, it is anti-climatic. Maybe I should rebrand it into something more sinister - a curse or corruption...


Or give us more food. There is no stategy involved in not finding food. If you just rebrand it, it's still anti-climactic. I'm sure everybody would prefer to just not have to worry about food as much, though keep the mechanic intact. Otherwise, fun game!


I agree with watabou in this situation, the game is set in a dungeon, something meant to kill you, and if it wasn't harsh whatsoever it doesn't feel very dungeon-y. Anyways, yes, there is strategy involved with the hunger system as you have to manage what you want to take on to the next level of the dungeon, such as you could take that charm card or glaive, but instead it might be a better choice to stack up on food lying about in case there is a lack of it ahead.


In my experience (about 10 tries,) I have literally only died from food. I pick up any food I can and use it only when I absolutely must. I don't know if I'm just unlucky, but there seems to just be not enough food. Either way I personally found it getting old and unfair. Like I said it's a great game, but for me this kinda made me lose interest. I'm not saying it should be easier, but I feel like in a dungeon game,I should die from traps or monsters at least half the time.  


Sounds like you're just getting very unlucky, and on a side note chances are monsters and traps aided in your starvation based death by lowering your health.


If food had multiple uses (i.e. use it for powering spells or feeding yourself), it'd add a nice risk vs. reward element.


I tried several games from previous 7DRL jams and this is one of the few that I genuinely enjoyed! Congratulations!


Quite the nice experience!


Well, I found you by searching city maps for my RPG, and discovered my favorite indie game developer! Actually I love Pixel Dungeon since 2018 and now this, a really nice card game, certainly roguelike on the better way. 

My single complain is over the low spawn of Food cards, this is kinda frustrating, but I understand the concept, the game pretends to be hard.

Now I should say... Have you ever thought about turning this on a physical card game, printing deck and stuff? I am sure it could be sucesfull and a lot more accessful.

Imagine a party, rushing through the dungeons randomly shuffled by their own hands!

Think about it, its a unique concept, a marry between classic role-playing and cards.


Thank you! I will probably try something like this as my interests shift towards tabletop games lately :)


Very nice and fun!


aside from my response below, i wanted to say that your game really catch most of the things i fond essential to roguelikes (aside from, probably, identification). it is certainly leaves better impression than card roguelikes with no map that lack tangibility or roguepuzzles that usually have more stuff but less... i dunno how it put in words... tightness? think dungelot. basically youve managed to land in a sweetspot. for the jam entry its just perfect.

i have one minor suggestion. after finding amulet (or what the goal card is... sorry, no shift-clicking for a phone, as i said!)  on a lower level, it would be nice of there were an option to delve deeper with a couple more stages, with the guaranteed amulet in the second (or maybe third) one. it may not really have a purpose without scoring, but sometimes you just want to test your hand, yaknow?

ah, just got an idea for the ingame help. similar to [x] mark to the right, you could add [?] mark to the left (and even on the starting screen really). clicking it would display "Drag card here to learn about its properties. (You can also Shift-Click card to reveal the description)x and dragging card there would work as shift-click currently. that shurely would be more obvious for new players.


I had plans to expand the game, to add different environments with slightly different monsters (enchanted woods, sewers etc) and some other features to make it work as a real game. It's put on hold atm.

This is a really good idea with dragging a card to special place on the board to get info about it. I'll try to implement it next when I get to the game 👍


That would be great!

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Thanks a lot for this little gem!! I discovered the game last year and I´ve playing it for many many months. really nice for casual players that does not have time to play a long in time game. 

I would like to request you a downloadble version, because even in 2019 there are people that does not have internet conection everywhere to play online.

Best regards and million thanks for this great game ;)

p.s.- Im also planing to create the game with pieces of paper to play when I dont have internet or a computer available. really will be fun translate the game to the paper and pencil version ;)

Will do 👍


Thank you Watabou! :-)


Cool stuf fam

This game does have potential, as it is simple enough and playable, but for the time being - November 2019 - it is simply underdeveloped and unbalanced, lacking basic informational descriptions in the first place. I do understand it is a roguelike and it is supposed to be tough, as well as anyone knowing the roguelikes and card games alike would find their way around easy, nonetheless I am afraid the way it is now, the accessibility of Patient Rogue suffers. Besides, I would rather opt for the game to be completable, rather than infuriating. Nobody is going to keep trying forever.

  1. About being underdeveloped: please note that this is an entry for a game jam, not a real game
  2. About lacking descriptions: are you aware that you can shift+click a card to see its description?
  3. About not being completable: well, I get the amulet 4 times of 5, at least with a Fighter. I know it doesn't help, but it's true.

For certain you are right, but mind two things. First, from what I have heard, developers sometimes loose measure of how good they get at playing their game, expecting comparable level of skill from the players. This ought to be a small game, right? Other thing, is the patience.

But I guess that I may not properly understand how roguelike games are meant to be. For the shift+click, I did not know, but perhaps it is maybe too obscure, then? Why not make it more transparent, easier to spot? Still, the case is accessibility.

...perhaps it is maybe too obscure, then? Why not make it more transparent, easier to spot?

This is obviously my bad, can't argue with that. I will update the description of the game.

developers sometimes loose measure of how good they get at playing their game, expecting comparable level of skill from the players.

Yes, indeed. I mentioned my winrate only to make the point. I mostly rely on players feedback, including yours. For now, judging by the overall feedback,  I see no reason to rush fixing the game difficulty.

This ought to be a small game, right?

This ought to be a roguelike game. If a player quits after just a few tries, it's not a very good game. If a player wins after just a few tries, it's not a roguelike game.

This ought to be a roguelike game. If a player quits after just a few tries, it's not a very good game. If a player wins after just a few tries, it's not a roguelike game.

Well said, cannot argue with that.


love this game best one in

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