How to play:

  • Traverse a number of dungeon levels to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor.
  • To advance to the next level you need to discover and play the exit card.
  • Some cards need a target to be played (e.g. drag a weapon card to an enemy card to attack that enemy with that weapon) and others do not (e.g. click an armor card to equip it).
  • Hunger level increases every time you turn a card face-up or play the exit card. At the maximum hunger level these actions cause 1 point of damage to the hero.
  • After turning a card face-up, attacking an enemy and playing the exit card all open enemies attack the hero.
  • Amount of damage enemies inflict to the hero depends on the difference between the current dungeon level and the current character level (see the indicator at the top right corner of the window).
  • You can attack an enemy without a weapon by simply clicking its card. Such attack inflicts 1 point of damage.
  • You can "lure" an enemy to a revealed trap by dragging the enemy card to the trap card (or vice versa).
  • An armor can be equipped only after "exhausting" a previously equipped one.
  • To discard a card from your hand drag it to the x-marked place at the right side of the window.
Published Mar 10, 2018
GenreCard Game
Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsDungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

Development log


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fun but you starve to quickly


I swear there must be many rougue -like players who wanted this kind of game . Rogue with Card!


i really like this game


please make it downloadable


its downloadable if you are using the desktop app


this is dangerously addictive


Great game!

It's so cool how  a few simple rules can make such a great game!


I love it! This should get more attention as it's and excellent game. 


Excellent little game!  I've been playing it for a few months and enjoy seeing the new character options.


Win it with monk! Great ending, thanks!


Really looks like Hand of Fate :). Love this kind of game


This is great. If this had a little more variety and depth, it would become one of my goto mobile games.


After playing this a bunch more I just realised this has a lot of qualities of solitaire. It's short, card-based, and somewhat based on the luck of the way the cards were dealt. Really enjoy it.


Totally love this game! Will it be brought to mobile device by any chance?


That was one of my absolute favorites of the whole 7DRL Challenge 2018, I hope that more people will play and rate it (which is the reason I wrote an article about it and uploaded a playthrough video :) ). I can't wait to see how you'll develop it from here. I can see myself totally play it for hours if it'd feature some more spells, traps, enemies and what not. A little suggestion though: I'd love to see a short explanation for each card somewhere, because for me it wasn't totally clear what for example the "Terror" spell would do when I use it.

Anyway, it's a wonderful card game with just the right amount of resource management elements! You've done some great work and I wish you the best of luck with your (future) projects - can't wait to see more games made by you. :)

Best wishes,

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Any chance for an android version ? Would be a great time killer

Oh it's been asked before, an android build would be great !

Даже умудрился пройти попытки с пятой, что ли. Так и не понял, как использовать карту Rest. Ещё желательно, чтобы подсказка всплывала при наведении на карту, а не при нажатии. А то так используешь карту и не понимаешь, что она вообще делала. Описание одного из спеллов, точно не помню какого, уходит за края экрана. Ну и вообще вся игра на экран не помещается (разрешение 1366x768 - стандартное для ноутбуков), приходится туда-сюда скроллить. Но в целом вполне положительные впечатления. Одна из лучших игр с последнего 7drl, по крайней мере из тех, с которыми успел ознакомиться.

Существует фуллскрин. Существуют описания всех карт (Shift). Rest пока одна из самых бесполезных - превращает сытость в хп.

Изначально я накидал тех заклинаний, которые мне сразу пришли в голову еще до тестирования и балансировки. Потом я заменил Экзекьют на Вэниш и теперь действительно Рест - самое бесполезное заклинание на данный момент, но придет и его черед :)

Да, в правом нижнем углу есть кнопка фулскрина, она должна помочь (в полноэкранном режиме игра  пытается подстроиться под то разрешение, которое ей дают, в том числе на андроидах). "Сообщения" могут действительно не влезать, но настоящие подсказки отображаются по шифт-клику и с ними должно быть все нормально.


Ended up hacking it to get to the end (I'm probably too impatient).

Lot's of fun, thanks!

- Если пройти игру, пока играет трек победы в прошлой игре, треки наложатся.


A little bit too random but works really well. You should add more powerup between plays, something like "unlockable" cards that can provide new challenges :D

finally I was able to complete this game :D pure luck, but funny :D

- Карта приручённого моба не обновляет значение атаки при получении героем нового уровня.
- Если очень быстро жмякнуть на две карты, и в первой из них окажется моб, он не успеет ударить. (Можно сделать чит-скрипт, нажимающий на все карты сразу без получения урона)

Спасибо, оба бага уже исправлены в моей рабочей версии (не на 100% процентов уверен насчет второго), скоро выложу. Прирученных мобов все равно собираюсь переделать, там как-то неинтуитивно сейчас.


Starving to death more than I'd like


What!? This is a ton of fun. I'm coming back to this one lots and playing it. It works quite well on my Android too.


this is just as challenging and fun as pixel dungeon! keep it up my dudeee

Any sort of statistic tracking planned?

(1 edit)

Are you talking about things like a number of enemies killed, cards revealed, food eaten or just a score? The former doesn't have much meaning in the current version of the game (imo) and the latter is not implemented. But I'm considering ways to expand it and a bigger game will definitely need something like this.


I mean either a score or, even more practical maybe, win/loss ratio, average xp level, and average depth reached.  I find the cutesy stats like number of monsters killed, cards played, etc. pretty meaningless.


This game is difficult, but really fun!

any possibility that an Android version will come up?

I'll try to build a native Android version, but it will look very close to how the current html version looks on Android.


You can't (easily) shift-click on Android.  A long press, or better yet a second area like the discard with a question mark on it would be nice.

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I haven't starved to death this much since Rogue.



This is a very clever game mechanic.  Good job.

Cool game! I don't understand what the rest card does though.

It heals 1 point of health and increases hunger by 1 until you starve or your health is full. Like buying health for hunger points.

Btw, Watabou, would it be possible to know the card distribution and other random roll chances in the game, since me and a friend would like to try to recreate this game as a card game?


Here you are: 

12 empty cards, 6 foods, 10 skeletons, 5 wraiths, 5 liches, 5 hell hounds, 1 sword, 1 axe, 1 glaive, 3 javelins, 1 cloth armor, 1 chain, 1 scale, 1 plate, 5 heals, 2 scouts, 2 charms, 1 berserk, 1 execute (this one will be replaced with another spell in the next update), 1 terror, 1 rest, 1 energize, 1 leech + exits + amulet + cards in the hand

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Thanks a lot :D

Also, would it be possible to know wounded enemy spawnrates?


They do not really spawn, they are monsters previously affected by Terror. This is how Terror works: it inflicts 1 point of damage to all visible enemies. Those of them who survived this damage, get shuffled back into the deck in their updated wounded state. That's it.


Fantastic little game, quite inspirational!


True, I'm making a new game now! Inspired by this game. :)


A fantastic little game!  It feels as though you have answered a wish I hadn't voiced!  All very enjoyable - what did you use to make it?

Cheers! It's Haxe+OpenFL


Awesome game  Watabou :D
I feel like it may be just a bit too random though, perhaps  make certain items be forced to appear within a certain number of levels? Like food being forced to appear at least every other level, or heal scrolls being found at least every 3 levels, etc.

Won 3 times now, was quite  fun :D

Cheers! But I agree that it is too random...


Nonsense mate. Have kept this as a "side link" at work in the browser and won 3x in a row yday. Like in all rogue-types, learn the mechanics and the RNG in any game becomes meaningless.

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Love card game & roguelike combo! Simple and clever. Pretty hard though! The art style is charming and consistent. Good job!

It took me like 50 tries to finally reach the end.

I also wish you can hover over action cards to understand what they do.

Thank you! I'll try to implement some info for spells as it's a really popular request.

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Тяжёлая Доля разработчика...
Можно взглянуть на код?

Может быть потом. Но вообще не на что там особо смотреть - никаких хитростей или специальных алгоритмов...


Уже хочу сделать форк :3

На здоровье!

Меня эта игра уже выбесила, я wGet'ом сдёрнул всё и упаковал... Спасибо watabou! Всё ведь было так прекрасно, пока я не здох с двумя глефами и хилами...


I really enjoy the bold minimalist aesthetic and concise satisfying game play!


you should make this game for mobile phones!!

I probably will. But it also should be playable on mobile as is


Nice game,  reminds me a lot of pixel dungeon.


Amazing ! I can feel the spirit of Pixel Dungeon in these cards, haha.

Please, keep making this game better !


There's a fun game in here, but I couldn't quite find it. I'm not much for roguelikes, so take this all with a grain of salt.

I'm pretty consistently in situations where it feels less like I didn't make the best of a bad situation and more like I just had a bad situation. Sometimes I plan poorly, or draw some bad cards, and I learn and adjust how I play, which is good. Other times my run just simply doesn't provide any cards to sate hunger and I starve to an unpreventable death. I'd be interested in playing a version of this game with the hunger mechanic removed.

Without hunger there won't be much left :) I have added some tips to the description, hopefully it will help. But yeah, at its current state this game is pretty luck-based in spite the fact that the deck is always the same...

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