Version 0.0.3 of Patient Rogue is available at http://rogue.watabou.ru/. For the time being I'm going to upload updates there to preserve the original 7drl version here.

What's new:

  • Charm is reworked to make the spell more interesting. A charmed monster is no longer a single-use weapon, but a creature with its own health pool.
  • Rest is reworked to make it more useful. Regardless the current level of health and hunger it now heals the hero completely and makes him starve.
  • You can now choose one of three heroes to play:
    • Fighter - the hero of the original version. Probably I should rename him, because he is not any better at melee than the other 2 classes.
    • Warlock - he is good at charming monsters (at using charmed monsters to be exact). Has a smaller health pool, starts with an imp minion.
    • Monk - master of unarmed combat. Has a larger health pool, but gets hungry faster.
  • Some images are "remastered".


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Great visual graphics. I really love the minimalistic and yet beautiful way your game has. Come play mine too. I have a game published on Itch.io