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Excellent game!! 1st run level 4, how do I know the health of an armor equiped?

Thanks watabou!

When you have armor left, its value is displayed over the hero's health (a shield over a heart).


In my second run get it! another wish item for me is a description for each type of card, BUT BUT I think is way better to discover that yourself you don't need a tutor for playing games you need to play the game and learn by playing it (I love way mega man X handles this "issue" on the very 1st introduction)

I love roguelike games you just keep getting better and better each run (like life itself)

keepup the good work Watabou!


This is super satisfying to play on a touchscreen. The difficulty seems well-balanced -- I played a bunch and won once, which feels about right. Winning was a little anticlimactic, and I agree with the idea of quests (or other structure/variety), but in general this is really impressive and fun.

Near perfect ! Just add a leaderboard and some quest and I can play it forever !

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Quests are one of the features I wanted to implement, but didn't have time to add (along with character classes, bosses and others)...

Do you plan any update or you considered the game as finished ? If it's the second choice, can you release the source code ?


I hope to improve it in the future, maybe I'll even try to turn it into a real game at some point.


Simple, but soooo good!

Outstanding. Pixel Dungeon as cards!

That was the plan :)


I'm speechless. If I had a mobile port of this I would probably play the hell out of it. It's simple and addictive


Cheers! It should be playable on mobile, although the layout is not perfect...


I can say it's as good as the Pixel Dungeon. I did not expect less from you. :D

The idea was to make something like a card-based version of PD. It's not even close imo, but I'll try to improve it. Thanks!

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