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Realy cool game, or rather the very realization that a stack of cards generated randomly (to create another stack of  random cards, press on keyboard: 1, 2, 3, 4 or ~, for more information). Also I can say that in my opinion you can add. I think, to create interactivity, you can made that you need to choose cards of only one type (say the type RWS, or "Gobelin") from the three shown, until the entire deck is finished. Of course, this is my personal opinion.

(Also i noticed the eye in the upper right corner of the screen, when you select one of the cards)

Also, something I would to say to the Watabou, of course, maybe this is not the topic. But are you really Watabou? The one who created the Pixel Dungeon! It is amazing! Personally, I myself played Pixel Dungeon (and some other games that you created), and some of my friends also played Pixel Dungeon, realy cool game, also that you can play modified versions of the game. Personally, I am surprised that you are participating in jam, but I think it is really cool, thank you, through for sure I do not know why you are participating in jam, but somehow I think it is very cool.

The truth is, I would like to ask a question, but what can you advise in order to achieve your goals, or how to finish the game? Personally, this question interesting to me, because sometimes I notice that some of my games are not brought to playable version.

You can throw off useful articles if you want, I will be very grateful :)

Yes maybe the question is similar to spam, in advance i am sorry, through I can write my messages to where you will be more convenient, thanks :D

And of course many thanks to those people who finished reading to the end :)


This is really great work. I hope Spirit Navigator makes something similar. It will be awesome a merging of this technology and their tarot readings!


This is really neat! I love the way it kind of draws abstract flowers regularly, and the choices of names. Are the names procedurally generated as well as the art?

Thanks! Names are just chosen randomly from a relatively small vocabulary. The original idea was to query them from WordNet (or similar database), but that would be too much work :)

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The art style is really interesting and beautiful. Btw, is it me or is the art on the cards made procedurally? :0


What would be the point that to submit it to PROCJAM otherwise? :)


I thought so, but even then, it's incredible!


Really cool!  


Neat tool! Though I'm a tiny bit concerned about how the generated patterns seem to be the same for each card title. Example, the pattern on "Justice" is always the same.


Once a card of the current deck (of 78 cards) is generated it stays the same. To get a new deck refresh the page or press 1, 2, 3, 4 or ~.


Good to know, thank you!


I remember in twitter you mentioned this solution, very beautiful work @watabou!

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Love this beautiful thing. Thanks a lot.