It's just a toy, a teeny-weeny rune generator created for Monthly Challenge #16 several years ago.  "Table" generates a larger set of runes, "Alphabet" generates a smaller set of runes without duplicates - that's it. I'm not planning to develop this any further.

Published 22 days ago
Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsGenerator, Procedural Generation
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Textless


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Hey, if you're not looking to develop this any further, would you be able to release the source code? I'm sure people would love to keep working on this to add new features, myself included!

I will consider it. I need to check how bad is the code - it was written too long ago.


A piece of great and very inspirational work.

Question: The runes are all unique in the table generator?

No, I don't check them for uniqueness in the table mode, only in the alphabet mode.


This has some serious "The Messenger" vibes!


Once again you knock it out of the park. Always impressed with your work.

Numbers and some common punctuation maybe?

Also a view with key info 'A = rune' please?

Thanks no matter what!


watabou, you deserve more recognition. Thanks for everything


Oh brings back memories of the Fez game...



Great Job!


Inspiring as always, thanks Watabou!  :D


This is awesome. Not much to it but very cool. Would be awesome to have different sizes too.


Curves and circles would be good, as well as dots and other diacretics. But a really great start - as usual from watabou


Need to do one with circles but neat stuff!

Oops, forgot to remove this one from the list :)


Wicked generator, man.

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Watabou, if you don't stop pumping these out theres going to be no proc gen left to do for the rest of us. Love your work man keep it up


Pretty cool!