Created for /r/proceduralgeneration's monthly challenge.

Hot keys (click the generator first to use them):

Entergenerate a new tank
Spaceredraw the tank from a slightly different angle
Stoggle the shading mode
Warning: for some reason the "fineliner" drawing mode works extremely slow with the "hatching" shading mode - on my computer it takes up to 3 seconds to draw a tank. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Drawing modes:

3fountain pen7scribble
4ink brush8random

Made with Haxe + OpenFL.


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Hello Oleg, very impressed with all the things you have done. I am reaching you because I am in the process of creating a game, I am not a developer, what I do is game design. I would like to reach you and discuss about my idea, and how you can leverage your games into the blockchain technology. I have some friends (blockchain developers) that we can hook up with. I would like to have a conversation with you about it. Please reach me at   Just followed on Twitter my handle is @NFigx




Hi Ignacio,

Sorry, I'm not interested in blockchain. Cheers!


This is absolutely delightful! Some of the hovertanks look utterly ridiculous, but it's a great kind of ridiculous, and I can totally see myself using some of the sketches if I end up getting an excuse to put tanks in any sort of rpg I run. 

This one looks very duck-shaped and I love it.

Sticking with only sensible (or menacing) designs wouldn't provide enough variety :)


Could you add an option to remove the ground?


The ability to show portions of the tank separately, and the ability to generate and save the turret portion rotated in 15 degree integrals, if possible would also allow this program to be used for 2D video games off the bat.


Could you add a front view and a side view (and maybe a top view)?
To quickly create 3D models based on these views.


Side view and front view are [ and ] keys respectively.


I used to drive a tank for a living. I love tanks. 

This is a thing of beauty you've created here. A thing of beauty.


An absolute masterpiece, i am so blown away by this.


Love it!  Make an Ian McQue Sketch Generator!  ;D  Hehehe. 

Nice! That will be my plan if they ever have a "flying boat" as a theme :D




I love your stuff so much. It's awesome. :)

It's a nice touch that if you press a numeral once again, you'd get a slightly different rendition of the same style, it's brilliant. :)






I love it!!


Incredible. The tanks would be awesome alone, but the different drawing styles just boggles my mind.


This is wonderful! Agree, quality of renderings and variations is off the charts for something so (seemingly)simple & elegant. T(h)anks.


Incredibly well done! I'm actually surprised by the quality of the tanks generated. The drawing modes were a fantastic addition too!

Keep it up! I love your submissions =D


Hey watabou :D

I like most of the games / generators that you have made over time. But this one... I am blown away

Visuals are top great too ;)

Well done