This generator is created for the Procedural Generation Challenge on /r/proceduralgeneration. It generates simple voxel thrones and displays an ugly preview for them. It can also export a throne as a VOX file to render much nicer images in MagicaVoxel (screenshots➡️). All the options are available via the context menu.

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I hope more people do that challenge so we can have more awesome stuff


I found the one, the ceramic throne!

Really nice generator!


uh.... you got any screenshot from magicavoxel for that? 😁


Made screenshots always visible ➡️


You keep giving us awesome stuff. Is it even possible for you to NOT be awesome at this?


I agree, ever since I discovered pixel dungeon years ago, watabou has continued to be more awesome since 😁

not to mention, pixel dungeon is open source and has spawned and inspired multiple other games 💪


Pixel Dungeon remains my roguelike arch-nemesis.