Initial release

...HPG is inspired by Houses with a  Story, a beautiful book by Seiji Yoshida. At the moment of writing the previous post, I had an algorithm, but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it. Until I remembered I had that book on my bookshelf!..



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you did a wonderful job ! I’m sure these books can also be a great inspiration

Oh, that's very cool! I may want to acquire a physical copy of one of them :)


The graphic style is gorgeous. Do you think you can mimic it ? And why not generate house elevation ? 

I can mimic some things, but to replicate everything is probably too much trouble. But what do you call house elevation?


This is what I call House elevation. Forget about it, I realise it would be a terribly difficult job

Oh, ok. I thought about something like this, a way to "explain" the overall shape of a house without 3D. But yeah, implementing it with this level of detail (let alone making it adaptable to different styles) is a lot of work and just not worth it. A useful term though.