To generate these icons, the same code is used as in Perilous Shores. Town icons are exported as sheets of five columns with each column containing three icons: a village, a town and a city. Danger icons are exported separately. The list of keyboard shortcuts is here.

Made with Haxe + OpenFL.

You can use icons created by the generator as you like: copy, modify, include in your commercial rpg adventures etc. Attribution is appreciated, but not required. Please consider supporting this project on Patreon☕!

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Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsFantasy, Generator
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InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
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Hi Watabou, as usual, your generator is excellent :D I was wondering if you plan on extending it to include forests,  mountains, etc? If fact, mage towers, caves, swamps, hills, the list goes on.

Thanks again for all your hard work.


I'm no developer or GM so I have no practical use for this lovely tool. But ¿Fun? ¡I spent a sweet time toying with the settings and clicking to see new icons! It's hard to make a procedural tool so clean and flexible in the visual results.

Thanks for sharing your hard work.


Very cool!  Would love an option to either turn off the flags or set the outline color or both.

The outline color of the whole icon? You can set it in the Style dialog. 

Maybe I will add the option to hide flags, although it's very easy to erase them manually in any graphics software (which you'll need to extract individual icons from a sheet anyway).


Just the outline of the flags.  They end up with a white outline around them which doesn't always work depending on the palette chosen for the rest.

I extract the individual icons automatically with ImageMagick so I don't actually edit the individual icons normally.

For the curious I use:
magick "perilous_icons.png" -crop 400x400 icons.png


OK, now I understand what the problem is - I forgot that the flags get outlined with the background colour to make them more distinguishable. In the next update I will make them (flags) optional.



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I downloaded ImageMagick, and did this, but I can't figure out where it put the images, or even if it worked at all. Any advice would be wonderful.


I figured it out. If anyone else is reading along and isn't sure what to do, open the command prompt in the folder that has the art and the line Phergus shared works without further fussing. If you do more than one sheet, move or rename your town images first, or the next set will overwrite the last.


Glad you figured it out.  I just downloaded each sheet into it's own sub folder and did it from there so that the images are kept with the sheet.

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Oh God, this is wonderful. Now (of course) we'll start asking for "ruined", "savage", "evil", "coastline", "pious", "fortified" variations... 😁


I doubt I'll be able to express so many nuances on rather small icons, but we'll see :)


Well, actually those icons are (fantastic and) huge: i mean, while they are very clean and with minimum detail expressed, they are big enough to be useful to describe very different kind of buildings. Of course, I know it's a big work: you'll need to build "church" type buildings, "tent" type ones, "ruined" ones, "surrounded by walls", "castles" types etc.
However, in the meantime we can dream 💜


Wonderful stuff; I love it!


I think of you as the Kevin Crawford of random map generation. You're a powerhouse of ingenuity, imagination and productivity. I thank you as always for your contribution to my imaginary worlds.  I also would love all your icons from perilous shores like this.


What this guy said. I agree with him 100%. Keep up the great work.


if possible, could you include the Danger icon? would be sweet to be able to drag and drop those onto the map with stylistic consistency 


People ask about it a lot, so yeah, it will be implemented somehow.


This is excellent!  Thanks!


This is amazing. Great work! Have you thought about expanding this icon generation to the other aspects of the perilous shores maps properties? So icons for mountains, forests, dungeons, etc. This could be a great collection for adding onto games like Gloomhaven or RPG systems.


One suggestion: I'd like to remove the background hexagon. I can probably get there with post-processing to convert the hexagon colour to the background colour, but...

Thanks for another great one


I don't see any hex in the exported file.


I didn't even try that. Thanks.


Very nice! It'd be even nicer with additional rows for various terrain icons. It's hard to find good sets of mapping icons, and even harder to find them the same style when trying to combine icons from different sources.