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great program,the different random textures are perfect for my D&D,the world of Polytopia campaighn,where everything is in low-poly art


That is so cool.


Great program - any way to save as a mine craft map (LOL)




Is there a way to save a specific generation?

Nope, sorry


With both this and the City Generator, it would be great to be able to change the name of the city manually as well as make it possible to creation collections of previous made cities, making a way to go back to it, if we wanted to.


How can I load a  a map from Medieval Fantasy City Generator? This would be great.

No way to do it, sorry. Also Toy Town has a much older "generation base", so there are some features in MFCG, which are absent in Toy Town (like farms and neighborhoods).

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Hey, this is really great. I am curious, is this still under development? I see in the comments you were looking to merge this and your fantasy town generator. Simply having some of the same parameters to change city size/water etc would be amazing. Is that still in the works?


This is not under development as it was just a toy for a jam. But yes, I'm still planning to make it a part of MFCG someday and then it will get its share of love :)


This would be awsome as part as MFCG.  What can we do to help?


Looking forward to it getting some love ;)

Any plans on when it will be?


Actually I'm planning to revisit this code really soon to check some ideas. It doesn't necessarily mean Toy Town will be updated, but who knows...

how to change the size of the city, or anything for that matter?

Unlike in MFCG here you can't change city parameters, it's only possible to change visualization parameters.


How exciting!

How Can I rec when I'm walking on the city? 



How can I save the maps??


Damn, this is splendid. Can't wait to see it fully working alongside Medieval Fantasy City Generator


I was hoping he would answer why it don't work.  This author cannot answer bugs. So I hope he's not looking at selling this!

Full image its not working. 


How do you put the medieval fantasy city generator city's in toy town

I really like to know that too.

There is no way to do it, sorry.


Your work is amazing!

This works, however Medieval Fantasy City Generator doesn't


How exactly it doesn't work? Blank "screen"? 


Exporting this as a 3D file would be terrific, you could add these cities to 3D printed terrain.

How do I get a copy of this?


How can I export my maps from medieval fantasy city generator to here (toy town)?


Currently there is no way to do it. Later Toy Town will become a part of MFCG and it will be possible just to switch view modes - Map/3D.


Any updates on a schedule for this implementation? I'm also hugely impressed by the integration of FMCG with Azgaar's FMG, some great work!

Hello, I am great fan of you great tools to make fantasy city maps. Is there a way how to make these 3D look of city previusly generated with medieval fantasy city generator. I mean thah I will have the map of this city, and also ths beautiful 3D images? Thank you very much for reply.


I'm planning to merge Toy Town and MFCG at some point in future (probably soon) so it will be possible to toggle map view/3d view, but for now there is no way to do it, sorry.


This is neat. Would it be alright to use some screenshots for a text adventure game? 

I think with more features; and more building types etc you could make something worth charging for.  This would appeal to those who make text adventure games and wants nice looking city maps, D&D tabletop players who wants whip up something for a homebrew game etc. Writers who want to visualize their cities and towns etc. 

Some more suggestions:

1# Export options > PNG, Gif, PDF (maybe last one would be tricky to implement?)

2# Overlay options? More for top down view > Square grid and Hex Grid this could be useful for D&D table top games.

3# Polygon Stickmen like population? Toggled off and On. Some will be still and others moving in groups or/and individually, probably suit a smaller city. Topdown view could just be dots. If Exporting is in and GIF format is one of the options; it would be cool if you had polygon stickmen that you could generate a 15sec gif of them moving about. 

4# More zones; like farmland type zones that could have wavey lines and straight line squares as fields. 

5# Rivers

6# Walk speed slider or when at street level moving cam around will be at walking speed, unless you hold LShift to make it feel like you are walking around rather than zooming around too fast. A toggle key could switch back to normal cam speed if desired.

7# In light of my initial suggestion of making a commerical product with this to help fund to get in more features, i can see a continent option where one is generated. To save on CPU resources rendering a continent in 3d why not make the continent world map 2d.  And then you can place upon it city maps the Toy Town generated in RTS form upon it. This could be a 3d image that is placed on the map, when the user double clicks on this on the world map the 3d town version loads in.   

You could have a side panel that pops out with the list of placed towns so you can jump to them- the camera will fly across 2d world map to it and then load it.  So in short the world map cannot be walked on or viewed in first person. But the cities made as per normal can. The world map just gives a means to visualise where the cities and towns are in relation to one another.  

Also there could be clipart like images that can be placed on the world map (custom import option to) such as icons to depict types of terrain, mountains, forests etc. 


That's a lot of suggestions :) There are some other ideas I'm considering (link), but rivers are already implemented.

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This is awesome. Nice procedural generation.

I think that it would be cool if your work was implemented in Unreal Engine's blueprint (visual scripting). I also think the map created by the medieval fantasy city generator can be modeled using modular medieval village packs in a procedural way(like toy town). It would be best if you could walk around the town with HTC vive! Unfortunately, I do not know much about procedural generation(perlin noise is everything i know). So, if you can, can you give me some advice on what to learn to make this wonderful work? I really want to move your nice generator to the Unreal Engine.

Here is the source code of the generator itself:

and my very old comment about how it all works:

The only special pcg-related thing there is Voronoi diagram, which I think now is not really necessary. So it's mostly generic geometric stuff and random numbers :)


Is there a way to export the 3D model to sketchup? I would loved to make some renderings


Not yet, but probably I will add it later (because I'd like to try it too :))



This would be awesome to have as a tool for the Unity 3D game engine. How difficult would it be to do that?

Ah, I see! I've just answered "kind of no" to your question about using non-default buildings, but in the context of Unity 3D it is possible I guess.  Unfortunately my knowledge of the engine is virtually zero...


There are a bunch of courses on Udemy, any one of which could teach you what you need to know.




This is really amazing, and has incredible potential for TRPG expansion (labeling houses, etc.) - very cool!


This is so awesome! How do we save and load a Seed? I plan to use it to procedurally generate locations for when running TRPGs. 
Planning to use Libreoffice Calc to save the screenshots so I can hyperlink descriptions with cell references. I'd like to know whats your plans regarding the city builder. 

Thank you. Right now there is no way to run this thing with a specific seed. Later when it is merged with MFCG, it will be possible to do it similarly - using the seed parameter in url.


Thanks! That is awesome! looking forward to it!



This is so great. 

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I love both the 2D and 3D maps! Is there any way to save a generated map so that you can come back to the village/town/city later on? Also, I noticed that the 3D generator tends to create the same size map. It doesn't like to create the large 3D image.

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With the version of the generator you can copy an url to build exactly the same city later, given that you don't change layout settings. For example this will produce a small town with a river coming across it (river=on, coast=off, castle=on, walls=on).

Toy Town contains a limited version of the generator, which doesn't support url parameters (and it wouldn't work on anyway). And yes, it always builds medium-sized towns (12-23 districts), because the renderer is too slow for large ones.


Looks neat!

Cities are very similar though..

I think there are 2 main reasons for that: lack of terrain elevation and simplistic buildings. I'm not planning to address the latter right now, but the former will be the main focus of the further development.

Do you think you could include an option for people to use their own buildings that they make themselves instead of using the default buildings you provide?

Currently I don't see a way to do this, because I can't use a regular 3d-model, I need something that can be "intelligently" scaled to fit an arbitrary rectangle.


I remember this was one of my first thoughts upon seeing your generator; it would be so cool to generate 3D procedural medieval towns and then use it for roguelike gameplay or something. Love it!

Yeah, now I'm thinking about making a city-based rpg or something :)

Can you add some forests/trees which would be also generated randomly to make the towns look more alive?

You can enable (pretty ugly) trees by hitting "F".

This is super cool and as you said when working on the other generator 3d looks good!, Next thing to takle however is potensial elevation changes?


Totally looking forward to it!


This is amazing!

Put this and MFCG together, add some save function, the ability to draw rivers and walls...

...then shut up and take my money!

You could make the windows glow when selecting the night environmental opt

That would look nice, but with my current tools it's not trivial to implement. One more reason to think about switching to Unity3D


Super nice.

Would you be able to share the source code for this? Would love to leverage it but need to be able to configure how some of the random variables are structured (ie mapping of structures)

The source code of the generator itself is here.




This is cool, nice use of the city generator.


A suggestion: please generate an obj file of the city..

I would also love to have some sort of 3d file for importing into Blender or whatever. Maybe some industry standard like DWG? I would also be willing to contribute on development efforts. Let me know if this is something you want to pursue.


DWG sounds good too!


I agree 100%. 

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