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WOA! beautiful

great tool


I've made over a dozen maps in the City Generator, how do I import them into this viewer so I can have a 3D model of my city?

To get a 3D view of a generated city you need a different application - the City Viewer:

  • Export the city as JSON
  • Drag and drop that JSON file onto the City Viewer.

That's it.

I don't have JSON files, I have PNG files.

RIP. you need the .json


c'est possible d'exporter le résulta en 3d?

It's possible to do in the new version.


How do you import a city from the other Medieval City generator? I understand we can walk around a city we generatored in the other city generator.

I suggest in future perhaps adding a popup window perhaps when we press F1 or ? key in Toy Town to display the hotkeys.

I am sure you have thought about this already and has been suggested before, but I think if you combined Toy Town with Medieval City Generator into one app and put it on Steam you would get lots of sales. The high appeal would be of course being abkle to seeminglessly switch between top down and tweak a city to your liking then explore it on foot and explore would be a huge draw card.

Plus being a creative tool for D&D GM and authors who want to use it for reference for writing and literally being able to visualize what it looks like from street level for their book or text adventure. In the past i know some writers have used Minecraft to do that, visualize interior and space of a ship or whatever. 

Seriously. The ease of being able to gen a city as per Medieval Gen then instantly walk around it as per Toy Town, switch back to 2d and place a new spawn marker to explore another area. Apparently we can do that already between the two, but not very inituitative as to how to import a city into Toy Town. 

If you add some basic NPC models in basic clothing in 2-3 colours milling about, each slightly different in height, weight and maybe slightly different walking gait and pace. Maybe some props carts, barrels, trees. I dont mean to the degree you would need to in a full blown game, just enough to be a tad immersive. 

Add moving clouds that cast shadow and player can choose time of day for different sun placement etc.

Add a basic screen shot mode with a focus ring and maybe tilt-shift mode with that. 

Anyway sorry about the ramble, i initially meant to just ask how to import a map into Toy Town lol

You can't import cities into Toy Town, but you can import them into City Viewer.

How do you import a city from the other Medieval City generator?

Click "Export" in MFCG, then choose "JSON" from the menu. The city will be saved as a JSON-file on your computer. You need to drag and drop that file onto the City Viewer. Yeah, I know it's neither convenient, nor intuitive, but it's versatile and this way I can avoid spending disproportionately much time on UI. Most likely this will change in the future.

I think if you combined Toy Town with Medieval City Generator into one app and put it on Steam you would get lots of sales.

I agree, that it would be nice to have Toy Town as an in-built 3D mode right in MFCG to skip the whole import-export thing. That's what I planned long ago when the original Toy Town was created and I still intend to do so. But right now both MFCG and City Viewer are under active development, so at this moment it's easier for me to support them as separate programs. Another benefit of having City Viewer independent is that I can try to import villages from Village Generator.

If you add some basic NPC models... Maybe some props carts, barrels, trees... Add moving clouds that cast shadow... Add a basic screen shot mode with a focus ring and maybe tilt-shift mode with that...

As much as I'd like to play with such niceties, I guess it would be a waste of time from the users' point of view. 3D stuff is not exactly my thing and every small feature takes long time for me to implement. Actually, when I added JSON export I hoped that someone else would try making something like you described.


Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for the instructions. :)


I just install this and it looks awesome especially the night view. Is there a way to reduce the how numbers? (no matter how many times i hit "Enter" I always got a bit too many houses).

No, sorry. But soon a new (and separate) version will be released, which will be able to import maps from MFCG with any parameters you need:


Thank you for getting back to me so fast, I'm sorry that I was not able to reply sooner. I'm looking forward to the new version shown on that link and also to start supporting your products because they are so amazing !!!


Hey! this is without a doubt very useful and you seem to be still active! Nice. Do you have an ETA on when or how we can save these files? Also, a suggestion, could you also add elevation to the mix. Stairs up and down, terraces, etc. This would add another layer of depth into it. Gardens and parks and various small landmarks. I want to use this generator as a reference for building large scale fantasy cities in Minecraft and various other building games like Dragon Quest Builders. The terrain and layout really elevate a town/city to new heights. Instead of side by side in plots, winding alleys and looping streets, uphill fancy districts, slums, docks, etc. Really bring a city to life yet most people don't know how to plan it all out. If this project of yours reaches that level, no doubt DND map makers, game builders, writers, and various other people from different corners of the internet will flock to this generator.

Good luck, I'll be checking in once every few months. Hope you make progress!


I'm sorry to tell you this, but while I'm still active, this project is not :) It was created for a jam as a proof of concept. I have updated it a couple of times, but 3D is not really my thing. I was going to make a new 3D visualizer, because this one falls too far behind MFCG, and to add some improvements, but I doubt it will as beautiful as you described.


Hello! All of your projects at Itch don't work for some reason (at least for me). My browser shows: "Connection reset". Is it my fault and what can I do to fix it?


No idea to be honest. Could you make a screenshot of it?


Is there a way to save the map or export it?

Nope, sorry


it would be great if this can be export as a unity scene

If only I knew anything about unity :)


Basically, if it can export to any standard 3D format - .obj, .fbx or whatever - then Unity will be able to import it.

Export to some 3D format is on my todo list for MFCG, but its priority is pretty low, to be honest. I'm going to remake Toy Town at some point in the future (maybe as a part of MFCG) - then I'll get back to this.


Loving this so I donated a buck, if I would wish for one thing it is that the movement was improved(and added to those views that don't have it.)
As it is, you can move forward and backwards and you can strafe (to use FPS terms) but you can only turn the camera with the mouse (as far as I can tell) and the mouse doesn't lock to the game window so after a few degrees you stop turning.Loving all your proc-gen stuff by the way, it's the kind of tech that has always fascinated me.


Yeah,  it's a bug of OpenFL (the framework I use) - they don't support mouse lock on the html5 platform. Maybe they have fixed this already, I'll check it.

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