This is not a city generator, this is a city viewer! It comes with 6 built-in settlements, but to see something new you'll need to generate a city in MFCG (or a village in VG or a neighbourhood in NG), export it as JSON and import it here.

Right-click anywhere on the generator to access the context menu with all the actions and options.

Hot keys:

  • Enter: load another built-in city.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4: switch to one of 4 viewing modes
  • 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0: switch to one of 6 colour and lighting modes (styles)
  • G: toggle gable roofs
  • W: toggle windows
  • T: toggle trees
  • X: export the model to .obj

More keys:

  • ~: toggle auto-rotation
  • Shift+1: switch to the fly-through mode
  • Shift+0: switch to a random colour and lighting mode (style)

Use W, A, S, D, +, - and arrow keys to navigate around.

Made with Haxe + OpenFL + Away3D.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(121 total ratings)
Made withHaxe, OpenFL
Tags3D, City Builder, Generator, mfcg, Procedural Generation
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Textless
LinksBlog, Patreon, Twitter

Development log


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I am trying to parse through your JSON to get the coordinates of the buildings, but unable to do so. I want to recreate your city in unity with gameojbects. Do you have a solution ?


In case anyone is interested, I have added links creating townships in Procgen Arcana to my fictional placename generating spreadsheet in:


Your tools are so awesome! For some reason though the viewer doesn't accept any of my keyboard input anymore. Only mouse clicks and movement have an effect. As far as I remember it has worked before.

Is it still not working for you? Are you sure you didn't change the language on your keyboard or something like that? This app was last updated several months ago, so this can't be something recently introduced.


Ooops ... I guess it's fine. I forgot that I had to disable auto rotation ~ first to make the navigation work. I was confused by the double assignment of "W" for toggle and navigation, but after ~ I was able to navigate as expected. Sorry for the confusion.

And thank you for sharing your creative and unique experiments with us!


Hi, I also got the bug that the json file for cities only shows castle and walls.

I read your reported solution but can't manage to find the path you suggested.

Have you any idea on what mught be wrong?

Nvm, I solved it, thanks!

(1 edit)

Could you send me the json file you are trying to load?

Edit: ah, you solved it, cool:)


When I load json, I only get the castle and the walls... no buildings.


Looks like a recurring problem, I'll try to fix it (again).


My god your a legend!


Looks interesting. Might come in handy sometime.


How export the entire map, not only the buildings?btw, Really nice tool!

Currently only buildings and city walls are exported. I'm planning to fix it in the future ("for completeness"), but actually everything else is flat there, so I don't why would anybody need it :)


The placement of the trees and other stuff would be nice.


I am having old issue - trying to import a city from MFCG and it appears without buildings. Could it be a problem of a custom city size? (my city has size value of 110)

I doubt it. Have you tried this fix


It didn't help. However, i tried different combinations, so the buildings were shown only if the "Show Windows" is turned off.


First - Really love this tool for visualizing neighborhoods.  Being able to navigate the streets and such is just great.  That said, would it be possible to add doors to the buildings?

Doors will be added eventually. 

Awesome.. can't wait!  Well, I mean, I can, I just don't want to :)


When I try to import a json from a city made on MFCG it just show the error "No Buildings", but when I try VG or NG the city is correctly imported.

Yeah, I broke the json export in the last update, but it's fixed already.


Unfortunately when I try to import from JSON it loads in but no small buildings appear. No error message that I can see though.


Love the tool! Is there a way to make the exported obj more manifold? The windows seem to be fairly loose geometry, and none of the buildings have floors. Making it require a lot of extra work to make models out of the city. This is doable for smaller villages, but for a large city its not. 

Also, are terrain features contained within the obj? Any things I export are only buildings. 

Great tool though! Helps 


I get the problem and I'll try to do something about. It works like this because Away3D (the 3D engine I use) is very old, slow and glitchy, and with it every triangle counts. So when visualizing large cities, omitting floors (and similar tricks) really helps to keep fps reasonably high.

(1 edit) (+1)

What is the proportion of the exported OBJ? How many times do I need to import Blend to be the same size as the actual one?

I'm sorry, I don't understand what "proportion" means in this context. If you are asking how much an exported city needs to be scaled to be the same size (e.g. in metres) in Blender as  it is in MFCG (according to the scale bar), then my answer is "I don't know". It depends on how Blender treats coordinate values in OBJ, which are defined in abstract units (as far as I know), not in meters, millimeters, inches or anything like that.


Just wanted to say this is very great and thank you!


SO much awesome here.  I exclusively use all of your different map generators to run my entire campaign, and my players are constantly blown away by the amount of detail I'm able to give them in the game.  I just joined you on Patreon, and you'll see you're the ONLY person I'm on Patreon for.  So yeah, LOVE your work.  

Here's some wish-list items for the 3D Generator if you have time:  

1.) The OBJ export: Export in separate material groups so when we pull it into something like Blender, we can add a good bit more detail (different roofs, walls, tree textures, etc.)  Also export it with the ground groups so we can see the roads/farms.  

2.) In animation mode, allow us to adjust (slider maybe?) rotation speed.  

3.) Allow us to have the buildings cast shadows.  (Should be doable on beefier machines.)  

4.) Randomize building colors similarly to how the roofs are slightly randomized.  

5.) If the "center" of rotation/screen could be adjusted with a single-click, we could just use this live in-game as a living 3D map of where players are currently located.

Most of this could be handled by ourselves if the first option (OBJ advancements) were an option.  We could then import the more advanced objects into Tabletop Simulator to PHYSICALLY walk the players through the city, even giving them "line of site" fog of war.  Some epic stuff could be done with that.  

Again, love your work!  Thanks for creating so many awesome tools!


Short (and very belated, sorry about that) answer: all of your suggestions make perfect sense, most of them I'll try to implement, and some of them were already on my list.

(2 edits)

Hi there. Great app. I have some feedback and suggestions.

1# When trying to open a json file to load a map made in MFCG it doesn't show any json files, you have to change the file type within open file window from custom to All. I suggest by default it will have all or json so we dont have to do that. Also a new user might not think to choose ALL.

2# When switching from map mode to ground mode, it would be great if the center of the screen is where the ground mode will start. So if you are zoomed all the way in and switch to ground mode it will start where you are on the map more or less. Making it easier to find a place you want to explore from in map mode first.

3# When in map mode, zoomed out would be handy if you could double lmb somewhere on the map and the screen will center the map there, which would work in tandem with suggestion #2

4# On the rmb menu, would be nice to have preset dawn, morning, afternoon, night to change to. I know there is hotkeys to randomly change lighting. But being able to use presets would be useful too.

5# In map mode it would be nice if we could export as PNG (perhaps this will appear where export as .obj was when in map mode) this way we could gen a city within the app and export it without having to use MFCG)

> Question: Why is it when you press 5 and press it again and again the roof tops change size etc. I notice it is changing colors of some roofs to light or darker shade, but also sometimes lowering the size of the roof or raising it. Unless it is the trick of the eye?

Pressing 6 causes the lighting to change but all the gables or roofs disappear entirely. Keep pressing 6 and its just lighting changes, but the trees can shrink or get bigger. Roofs do not reappear.

This all might be intended. 

  1. For me it works normally. It may depend on the browser, which one are you using?
  2. This makes sense, I'll try to implement it.
  3. I would rather expect the map to zoom in when double-clicked (as in Google Maps), but I'll think about it.
  4. Adding presets to the context menu seems excessive to me. You can use the Style dialog or shortcuts (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0) for choosing one of them.
  5. The whole point of replacing Toy Town with City Viewer was to decouple generation from visualizing, so no, City Viewer won't be able to generate cities. Besides, City Viewer is used not only to display cities, but also villages and neighbourhoods.
Why is it when you press 5... roof tops change size etc...?

Exported cities contain only some of the information required to build a 3d model of it (e.g. building ground plans). Other information is generated in City Viewer itself: individual roof pitches, walls colour variations etc. When you switch a preset by pressing 5 (or 6, 7, 8, 9, 0) all this information is generated anew resulting in slightly different values.

Pressing 6 causes the lighting to change but all the gables or roofs disappear entirely...

Lack of gable roofs is a part of Desert preset. Choose any other preset to get gable roofs back or enter a non-zero value for Roof pitch in the Style dialog to keep the colours and lighting and get non-flat roofs.


Love the heck out of this tool. Any chance for the trees to be included in the .obj export?

I will add it as an option 👍


Will you ever make your stuff downloadable?


Reason why i would like to be able to download your stuff is because for me it runs kinda badly for me atleast..

How badly is that? Are there any glitches or the framerate is low or...?

(1 edit) (+1)

Bit glitchy on my end, but on my friends computer in browser it runs fine.


Any chance it would be possible to have a scale factor for building heights? Between that and removing the gable roofs it would make for a great modern downtown generator!


I'll think about it 👍

(1 edit) (+1)

Couple things: how do you export JSON file from MFCG?

Also for the City Viewer I would love the ability to get the whole scene when exporting not just the buildings.

PS. I'm loving all your tools! I'm using them as blockout tool for Unreal maps. Also I'm thinking the Village generator map image would make beautiful in-game map and/or image for a in-game "you-are-here info-stand".

Settlement > Export > JSON

(1 edit) (+1)

Doesnt work when i try to import just says there are no buildings

Could you post your json content here if it's not too big (it should not be if there are really no buildings) or send it to me via email?


This looks amazing! I have a question/feature request though: Do you have plans to support OSM files? Alternatively, if I convert an OSM file to a JSON file using ogr2ogr, will the City Viewer support it?

There's a mod for Cities Skyline that exports an OSM file of a city, and I wanted to see if I can't convert the OSM file to a JSON file and then have your City Viewer generate me a 3D model that I can then take into Tabletop Simulator or FoundryVTT via the 3D Canvas.

I am sorry but the answer to all these questions is no. Currently I am not planning to support any osm formats because I have zero knowledge about osm and converting osm xml to json won't help because json the City Viewer requires is generated only by the applications of the Procgen Arcana family. Maybe one day someone will make a converter from osm to this custom json format...

By why do you even need the City Viewer? This is just a minor tool to support the city generator and other generators of mine. Aren't there better applications capable of exporting 3d models?


Fantastic tool! Can we export with materials?


Thanks! Initially I was going to implement materials (like in Procgen Mansion) in 1.2.0 but then chose to postpone it for later not to spend too much time on a single update. Hopefully this will be added in the next one.


That’s great news! I’m hooked :)


This doesn't seem to be working today - all black screen

(1 edit)

For me it works normally and last time it was updated more than a year ago, so it's not like I uploaded something broken recently. All these WebGL applications (City Viewer, Procgen Mansion, Castle in The Mist) are pretty unstable and sometimes they stop working without obvious reason and there is no way (or I don't know how) to fix it. Usually restarting the browser helps.


awesome tool! one problem, though - it says you can use .json files from the village generator, but i've tried two different files and neither have loaded any buildings. Help?

It still works for me so chances are you loading wrong jsons (palettes?). You can send me one so I could check it if you want (


I've been having the same problem -- it's just blank for JSONSs created with the Village generator.

Also everything you make is breathtaking! Thank you for all your work!

(1 edit) (+2)

really nice tool but can you update the export to include floor,trees, water and farm land.


This is one of the planned features for the next update.


thank you for the hard work


It's extemely nice.

I have a little suggestion. Could you add a feature so that I can move quickly when 1 viewing.

For example, press "Shift" to move at five times the speed

Will do on my next iteration with this app 👍


This program is amazing, but I seem to be having trouble importing my json of the city I made on the city generator. Whenever I try, it says "No buildings!" and returns to the sample city. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Are you sure you are importing the right json? I mean not some palette json or something like that? Could you send me the file so I could check it? Or maybe just paste it here if it's small enough?


I thought I was doing it right- here's the file.

Nope,  it's not a city json. It's an ImageMagick's json ("version": "ImageMagick 7.0.10-58..."), something like a description of an image (a city map I guess) with its dimensions and other stats.

(1 edit) (+1)


I'm currently on this WIP: (render result) & more recent version (2+ days) [HERE] (For some reason i the second ver tha grass got some horrible coastline bugs) and wdytai?, it's pretty hard to put those lights in the houses, soon i'm planning to put some light source windows there and textures, even if i still haven't managed to get them right ever xDDD

It's a great program, it's very pleasing in my opinion to make towns and this makes it a lot easier, thanks xD

Very cool! That's how I hope to make it look right in the City Viewer in some very distant future. I'm talking about the first render, because there is no chance I'll be able to implement as many details as on the second one :)

Recently there were a couple of requests for OBJ export with materials. I'm planning to implement it in the next update and hopefully it will make working with exported models easier.


yeah, i know what you mean there, also it would be impossible to put grass on obj, as it makes many pc’s (mine included) to go to it’s very limit xD

also i know that making the materials for this is hard, let alone puting materials in surfaces on blender is enough”ly” hard, i can’t come to imagine how hard will it be to implement material adding on haxe.

still you are the best, you actually make it easy, not like probableTrain, that made a good algorithm, but ruined it needing to add bools on stl files, wich is extremely conflictive


Is there anyway to export the colours along with the OBJ?

Thanks. Fortunately its quite easy to select all the rooftops with a top-down view so that's a quick way of separating roofs from walls.


I love export option! In fact i even did this render of city i exported, althought i have found some small issues model.
1) City wall exits have faces that are clip through each other
2) Walls also can be cliped inside themselves sometimes, it is pretty annoying
3) There are long random triangles where the roads shoud be, but it is very rare, i had this glitch only once
Anyway, here is my render of cardboard city generated with your wonderful tool

First of all, this render of yours is VERY cool! Can I share it on my Twitter (with credits of course)?

About those issues - that's how the viewer works. I don't have many tools for procedural mesh generation (in Away3D), so, for example, a gatehouse is just three boxes combined without trying to clip anything. I probably can (and should) fixes gatehouses, but walls are harder. If you take a look at exported mansions you'll know it can be much worse :)


Thanks! Yes you can share my render. If gatehouses made out of three cuboids I think it can be fixed by moving top of the cuboids down.


Everybody likes it: :)

On my next iteration I'll remake gatehouses properly. This 3-boxes thing is copied from Toy Town. It was more or less my first 3D app ever, I can do a bit better now.


So for all People Going crazy and having a Problem with the Normals, Export the Obj. to Blender, Go into Edit Mode, Press 1 for Vert, then Press F3 Type "Merge by Distance" then do a Merge by Distance and Shift N to recalculate the Normals should be Fine then.


So I made an fbx out of one of my cities I created and passed it to unreal and unity and when they come out they appear concave and completely broken? I am kinda new to all this rotin tottin exportin and wanted to know what am I doing wrong how could I fix it?

  1. I know nothing about Unreal.
  2. I know roughly the same amount of nothing about Unity, but at least I have it installed. Indeed, it looks like all the normals are wrong (flipped). Probably Unity expects a different vertex order or axes are supposed to be oriented differently? Anyway, you'll need to flip the normals of your model, but I have no idea how to do it in Unity.

try importing in URP for unity and add new material to the FBX then play with it


I'd love to have the option to load predefined textures. Grass, sand, water, fields, rock/brick walls...


Apologies if I am being stupid but when I import my city into the viewer it only displays the castle/temple - every other building is missing. Is there a setting I need to tweak or is this done by design?

Cheers and gratz on the great work.


That's weird. This is the second report on this issue, but I can't reproduce it. Could you send me your json file?


Happy to but where shall I send it? :-)

(1 edit)

watabou at gmail com

I thought it's displayed somewhere here :)


Same here, Just press enter to reload it.

I've found what causes this problem and it will be fixed in the next update. Until then, you can make the export work by choosing any value in Style > Buildings > Shape (Block/Off/Simple/Complex).


Thank you that was quick work :-)


Hey, I'm also having issues loading my Really Big Map, but there's no such thing as a "shape" menu in the Buildings section. It doesn't exist?

It does, it just is not labeled. The last item on the Buildings tab, a "combo box" with values "Block", "Off", "Simple" and "Complex".

In the city viewer? The only options are "roof pitch" and "towers".

Ok, here is a clarification: that option is in the city generator :) 

The problem is with the export, not with the import. City Viewer is all right.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi there watabou, great generators and viewers.

however I am having the same issue as jsunandmax - I took the Json from MFCG and imported it here, exported the obj and opened it in blender so I could scale it, I then took it to table top simulator. 

once in TTS I noticed the normals were crazy - most of them appearing inside out, but some flipped outside. 

I hopped back into blender and there was no fast or easy fix I could work out to sort the normals.

I think this is happening because the meshes are @open@ the buildings have a roof, and walls, but no "floor" or base. would it be possible for you to have an option to make the meshes "solid" as then even if the normals are from some reason inverted, blender can recalculate them to be "outside". at the moment since the mesh is "open" it cannot figure out inside from outside and just flips some one way or another.


great work!  I noticed when exporting .obj and bring into Blender that normals are all crazy (random), and since the bottoms of buildings are "open", its impossible to get all the normals facing right.  Is this something there is a solution for?  


Are you sure the normals are incorrect? In City Viewer models are exported without normals so they should be derived from vertices coordinates in the obvious way by an importing application and I don't see what can go wrong there.


i figured out the issue, .json from the Fantasy Village to here then .obj out creates geo where vertices are not welded.  Once I did a weld, i could fix all the normals, even without a proper "floor" on the buildings.



Hey! I really love this - especially with the ability to load jsons, but there's a feature in toy town to set it to a "45° orthogonal view (RTS view)". I used this generate 3d maps for my players - is there a way to implement that here? Thanks!


Yeah, sure, it's on my list 👍


You're the GOAT! Me and my friends all use your suite of tools for our D&D campaigns, keep up the amazing work!

(2 edits) (+1)

Any chance of making a variant of default view that allows for no animation? I'd really like to be able to use this tool to figure out city shots for ex. a comic (or other sequential graphic arts) but locking camera to ground and making the motion quite slow in that mode doesn't allow for the range of poses needed.

WASD/arrows for XY camera motion and mouse to rotate camera work well enough, perhaps the zoom wheel for Z-axis or FOV (and if using it for FOV, R/F keys for Z axis?) (I am not a patron so take this all with a grain of salt, ofc.)

EDIT: I am an idiot, space-bar unlocks Z axis control...... gosh, what a cool tool

Yes, the SPACE key unlocks Z axis (it is locked initially to simulate walking). You can also use numpad + and - keys to adjust height directly.

Slow walking is a problem. Usually when I need to take a screenshot I use the "Default view" first to get to the right part of a map and then press ~ to switch to the free mode.


When I hit export all it does is regenerate the city and I don't get the file?

I'm running a windows machine and I exported a JSON from your other thing to make a non-prefab city.

Is there a way to see what's going wrong?


Sounds like a keyboard issue (layout, caps lock or smth like that). Do the other hot keys work normally for you?


Yes, the other keys work just fine.

Honestly, the only thing that's not working fantastically is the export.


I have discovered the cause of my dumb. I was reading the O as a 0.


OK, now it makes sense :) I will replace the key, it does look confusing.

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