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Made with Haxe + OpenFL.

You can use images created by the generator as you like: copy, modify, include in your commercial rpg adventures etc. Attribution is appreciated, but not required. Please consider supporting this project on Patreon☕!

Updated 26 days ago
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Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsCity Builder, Generator, Procedural Generation
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Simply superb! I've tried some other generators (like Mansion, City and Fantasy World) and it's incredible the work you do!

I do have one question: Is there a way to add a grid in the program? 

Unlike Procgen Mansion, 1PDG and some of my other generators, there is no "intrinsic grid" here to which anything is aligned. For this reason, adding a grid overlay in this generator doesn't seem very important to me, although I get that it could be convenient in some cases.


I've ran entire campaigns in several systems using only these resources for the geography and just wanted to say thanks. I'm excited that confluences are here.


I found visual glitch (flooding water) when generating villages on android 9 phone:

Upper two displayed in firefox/edge, and lower two in chrome.

Can this be fixed? Or is it known bug or something in progress?


Try using a mop and see if it helps.

No, I've never seen anything like this before. Android 9 is a way too specific condition to bother fixing this glitch, sorry (the generator works fine on more modern phones).


Absolutely okay, it's not limiting me in any way. Just letting you know.


The one thing that seems to be missing is the ability to generate a palisade or wall around part or all of the village. This is a very common feature of small villages in more violent times.


(short version: palisades are on my list)



I'll tell you what I like about the Towns and Villages generator.

City Generator:

- Choose the number of routes.

- Have quarters.

- Have the possibility of integrating a coat of arms.

- Add markers.

- Have citadels.

- Park assets.

- Assets of more distinguished buildings (gray black).

- Have the possibility to model the map.

- Be able to copy the URL to integrate it into Azgaar's.

Village Generator:

- The details, the colors, the styles, the shadows, the trees, EVERYTHING.

- It represents reality a lot.

- It is less aggressive in terms of the colors of the terrain.

- there are a few more parameters of the maps like dead ends, islands.

- Being able to modify the appearance of the village without really modifying it (Reroll village) as for the trees

- Talk about islands, they are magnificent!.

- Being able to choose the types of trees

- everything is perfect but they are still missing a lot of things.

Here are the negatives in the Towns generator and the Towns generator.

City Generators:

- The aggressive style although you can change the colors.

- Cubic/plas buildings.

- The beige paper effect which can be useful but not in my case.

- The location of districts which cannot be modified and which affects many black/gray buildings.

- The number of districts is not necessary (you can go from 10 districts to around 5 districts)

- Only have the possibility of modifying or adding a coat of arms with Armoria Editor which is also not customizable and it does not work much.

Afterwards, I understand that it's more of a map style but I would have liked the same style as for the village generator which is much more real or a "Satelite" style in google maps

Village Generators:

- Not being able to create benchmarks

- Not being able to shape the map

- Not having neighborhoods and names

- Not having coats of arms

- Not having a large building, large church, castle etc.

- Not having the option to hide the population number or choose the exact number.

- Have large forests in large maps

- Not being able to change text style

- Choose the number of routes

- Not being able to copy the URL to integrate it into Azgaar's.

- Not having leisure parks

That's all I really miss.

It helps you know what you could improve on.

You looked right into that horse's mouth, eh?


Hello, I would like to know if it was possible to have the same parameter capabilities of the "cities map" for the village map?
I really used the city cards a lot but I find that the design is much prettier for the villages but I can't really make it work for this generator.
And add custom markers?
Is this possible?


So city maps suit your needs better, but you prefer the visual style of the village generator, right? What exactly are the options of the city generator that you are missing in the village generator? I will keep adding features to VG, but it's designed to generate rural maps and I'm not planning to change this. For example, in the future, I will implement palisades, but they are gonna look like palisades, not like city walls.

I have an idea to make an alternative "viewer" for city maps which would draw exported city maps in a nicer way, maybe in the style of VG. It's just an idea and I don't have an ETA for it at this moment. Please note, that somewhat similar results can be achieved using the existing City Viewer:

(2 edits) (+2)

Lovely work as always Watabou, it just keeps getting better.

I think there are only some things that are still missing to this generator (which already is supremely robust):

  • having an option for not seeing the population while still keeping the title visible
  • being able to have fences made of thorny shrubs, wood, stone, or even straight up plastered walls around differents houses and/or farms. Fences around houses could share the same colors as farmland.
  • having the option to place sites of religious worship in the town square (church/shrine), with an aforementioned fence option. Bonus points if you can change the shape, size, and roof type and it also has a sort of fountain or well in its grounds. Muh historical accuracy and whatnot :p
  • More varied house shapes, such as: rectangular, square, circular. And the ability to mix and match both the shapes and rooves of said buildings 

I know it is much to ask, but I hope you won't take offense to these suggestions, especially since it is very easy for me ask for "new things" versus you actually doing the tremendous and wonderful work that you do.

Keep on doing what you do Watabro. <3

PS: I have had great fun in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and their hand-drawn maps are one of the best quality designs I've ever seen for medieval games. I draw attention to it because your Village Generator is the only thing that even comes close to their level of quality. 

If you ever need inspiration for what improvements you can have in your maps, all you have to do is look at the world and regional maps in that game.

I haven't played Kingdom Come and just checked their maps. Indeed they are beautiful!

(1 edit) (+1)

Your work is super awesome! Once I have money to spare, you'll definitely get a new subscriber on patreon.

Question: Is there a way to set the population somehow, that I'm not seeing anywhere? It's possible to change the label, but it doesn't change anything about the number and size of the village

(1 edit)

To actually change the size of the village you need to use the "Map parameters" dialog (choose "Tags..." in the context menu). You can change the size of your map (larger map = large village) and also you can request higher or lower population density by selecting the "dense" or "sparse" respectively.


i was wondering is there any way to import towns made with the Medieval fantasy city generator?
i am in love with both generators but i wish there was a way to use old maps i made in the new generator style

Nope, sorry. Neither of these two generator can import anything. If you have your maps exported as JSON, you can try the "map view" in the City Viewer.


i really want a mountainous tag, just a feedback.


Did you see that someone is selling maps created by your tools on Amazon? 


Just thought you might wanna know.

Now in German? Fantastic... Yeah, I'm aware of these books (or some other very similar ones). Scammers gonna scam I guess.


This is an amazing generator, great for ideas too. Thanks for making all of you generators.


Hey there Watabou. I haven't used the generator for a few months so not sure if this is a known issue. Seeing some road "oddities". 

The image linked below shows what I mean. (1) Road from a dock to a house but not to any main roads. (2) Row of houses without any road/path at all. https://imgur.com/a/sA8nvIb

I'd also like to make a suggestion that all docks connect to a road or path (or maybe just an option to do so). docks would be well used so there would naturally be a worn path to them. 

(Btw is there a place to report/request stuff rather than clutter up your comments? Or do you prefer it here?)



  1. The generator tries to connect the dock road with the main road (if there is one), but sometimes it fails, usually because the main road is too far away from the village itself. It doesn't happen too often and I don't consider it a big enough problem to discard the map.
  2. A stretch of coast that includes the docks is now considered a "road", so it gets built up. Otherwise waterside land ends up being oddly underdeveloped.

This place is fine to report/request stuff, but reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/FantasyCities/) is easier to track, so it's less likely that I miss anything there.

(2 edits) (+1)

Hey thanks for the response. I'll use Reddit in the future so it's easier for you. I don't have that map that I took the screenshot from, but that row of houses wasn't far from the main road, but maybe because the rest of the village was across the water? Not a huge deal or anything, easy enough to regenerate, I just wanted to make sure you knew the full details. :)

OK thanks for explaining about the coast being considered a road now. Makes sense. I think I had my road color to close to the shore color so I didn't notice.


how do i make them have higher populations?


For higher population you need to have more buildings on your map. To get more buildings, you can request a larger map size and/or select the "dense" tag in the Tags dialog. Alternatively, you can enter any number you want as the population value by clicking the map title.


SO COOL! You just helped me unlock your city generator. Thanks for making this free for everyone!!


Awesome tool <3 

vote +1 for cemeteries

(1 edit) (+2)

Simply awesome!
It would be even better if it was possible to add a palisade to the village.
Edit: I just saw palisades were part of the plans for this tool. Great stuff!! 


Are we able to use this in commercial games?




I wanted to create a small village image for a story I was making. That was perfect!!!!


I have one more suggestion. It would be nice if there would be more variation in the building sizes so you could better specify a temple, a smithy, or other business buildings


really amazing update with the pond, grove, and highway. I really love it. If we can get the palisade option later on it will be absolutely perfect.


can You add walls like forteress walls or even on a moutain town ? great job for the rest :)


I just found your projects and so far I absolutely love all of them!

I’d like to use this to generate villages for existing regions but with no way to specify requirements I’m rarely getting something suitable.

I’d love to be able to specify the edges for the river/coast, this would already be huge! Then being able to specify the number of roads per edges would also be huge. Together these would provide a solid foundation.

Using the population as an indicator for density would also be nice as I usually know the approximate population of the villages I need to generate.


I am planning to add the ability to "paint" land and water - I guess it's close enough to specifying water edges you are asking about? 


I love all your map generators I use them constantly.

Do you plan to combine the features and styles of the city & village generators?
I would love to be able to apply the aesthetics of this to the large city maps


The style of the city generator is gradually improving, but I'm not planning to make it as detailed as the village generator. I'll probably try to make an external viewer with nicer graphics, although the main goal would be to implement zooming.


This is super helpful!


And while I am being greedy how about an option for tropical foliage IE palm trees ?


I concur. palm tree options for both 'trees' and for orchards would be great.


Realized today that I could not have a river meeting a coast, is this something that would be possible?


Yeah, hopefully. It's a bit harder than it probably seems...


I figured it wasn't going to be that easy.


Could you add a roof type option for a flat top in a solid colour?


Yeah, this will be added in the next update.


Awesome, thanks!


I have another question. I saw we could generate villages with river or coastal water. Is it possible to add a lake or pond to the options?

Wouldn't that be a very small pond to fit entirely on the village map?


It could be in the middle of the village or like the coast but without the harbor lines


Ponds as small as your fields are actually pretty common. If you were to consider this, perhaps a good approach would be to replace between 1-3 neighboring fields with a pond.

Another attractive location for a pond would be in the grass "common" areas that are surrounded by homes. But only the largest examples of these and probably only 1 per map.


What a pleasure to generate more towns. I can't stop myself and generate another!


This is an amazing tool, thank you. Would it be possible to add a 'castle' tag to be able to create medieval manors?


To add a "castle" tag is easy, but to add an actual castle is a bit harder :)


yes of course :p I forgot to add map at the end


This is an amazing tool. I am creating my own world in a great open-world D&D campaign. This really helps a lot with it.

I am very thankful that you do all this work and that it is even for free.

I have one little request. Is it possible to add walls or palisades to the settlements/village tags?


This has been on my todo list since forever :)


man alive, you're good!


This is an awesome service. So good.


how do you make islands


Open the "Village tags" dialog ("Tags..." in the context menu) and select the "island" tag.


Noticed that I suddenly can't input other Google fonts than Cinzel Bold in the text settings anymore, and confirmed it's not just the browser, or anything else on my system.


Just to double check: you're entering names of google fonts installed on your computer, right? Because you can use any fonts (not just google fonts) but they need to be installed locally. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Huh... that's weird, 'cause the ones that did work, I definitely did not have installed locally, and then they suddenly stopped working.

Otherwise, I had just been using a font manager, but it wasn't in use when I was able to use the fonts that I'd normally have it open to be able to use, and when it is open, they don't work anyway, now.


Nice tool!


Thanks for this amazing tool mate


This is an incredible tool - thank you for making it freely available!


Would you be able to set it to create a folder of the same map in different seasons/ realms to be used for longer TTRPG campaigns, where the same place could be seen in in new perspectives. for example:

  • Spring/ Summer
  • Autumn (tree leaf tinting)
  • Winter (white ground, frozen lake/ streams, some leafless and evergreen trees)
  • Feywild (same map, twilight lighting, Fluorescent foliage)
  • Hell/ Post calamity (rivers look like lava, Trees are ash, Rubble buildings).

As a few bellow I created an account to say thanks, thanks for you hardwork, thanks for sharing, thanks for making my RPG adventures better.

I'm DMing a WoW campaign and the party has reach level 13 and decided they want to establish and create a big city, after many arguments the party split to create actually 3 cities (they didn't reach an agreement in many important decisions). They are creating this settlements in the Alterac/Hillsbrad area. Pretty close to Tarren Mill. The are building the three settlements just a few miles from each other, one on the coast with large fields, one on the coast but inside the woods, and the other a dwarf went to the mountains pretty close.

With this tool I was able to create the two initial mannors easily and give them particular looks (the dwarven one sadly I couldn't find a single tool for underground mountain creation). I used Harnmannor RPG book for the starting mannors and now they have reach the moment when the city is being built next the the mannor, but the mannor will keep growing to provide food for the cities (also couldn't find any nice tool for the cities).

So again thanks for you work, and if anytime you decide to build tools for dwarf mannors of cities, or tools for bigger cities inside here that would be great (maybe it does allow it and I wasn't smart enough to use it correctly).

And I apologyse my for bad english, not my native language.

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