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This generator is a part of 🃏Procgen Arcana.

Made with Haxe + OpenFL.

You can use images created by the generator as you like: copy, modify, include in your commercial rpg adventures etc. Attribution is appreciated, but not required. Please consider supporting this project on Patreon☕!

StatusIn development
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Made withHaxe, OpenFL
TagsCity Builder, Generator, Procedural Generation
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AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast
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This is an awesome service. So good.


how do you make islands

Open the "Village tags" dialog ("Tags..." in the context menu) and select the "island" tag.


Noticed that I suddenly can't input other Google fonts than Cinzel Bold in the text settings anymore, and confirmed it's not just the browser, or anything else on my system.

Just to double check: you're entering names of google fonts installed on your computer, right? Because you can use any fonts (not just google fonts) but they need to be installed locally. 

(1 edit)

Huh... that's weird, 'cause the ones that did work, I definitely did not have installed locally, and then they suddenly stopped working.

Otherwise, I had just been using a font manager, but it wasn't in use when I was able to use the fonts that I'd normally have it open to be able to use, and when it is open, they don't work anyway, now.


Nice tool!


Thanks for this amazing tool mate


This is an incredible tool - thank you for making it freely available!


Would you be able to set it to create a folder of the same map in different seasons/ realms to be used for longer TTRPG campaigns, where the same place could be seen in in new perspectives. for example:

  • Spring/ Summer
  • Autumn (tree leaf tinting)
  • Winter (white ground, frozen lake/ streams, some leafless and evergreen trees)
  • Feywild (same map, twilight lighting, Fluorescent foliage)
  • Hell/ Post calamity (rivers look like lava, Trees are ash, Rubble buildings).

As a few bellow I created an account to say thanks, thanks for you hardwork, thanks for sharing, thanks for making my RPG adventures better.

I'm DMing a WoW campaign and the party has reach level 13 and decided they want to establish and create a big city, after many arguments the party split to create actually 3 cities (they didn't reach an agreement in many important decisions). They are creating this settlements in the Alterac/Hillsbrad area. Pretty close to Tarren Mill. The are building the three settlements just a few miles from each other, one on the coast with large fields, one on the coast but inside the woods, and the other a dwarf went to the mountains pretty close.

With this tool I was able to create the two initial mannors easily and give them particular looks (the dwarven one sadly I couldn't find a single tool for underground mountain creation). I used Harnmannor RPG book for the starting mannors and now they have reach the moment when the city is being built next the the mannor, but the mannor will keep growing to provide food for the cities (also couldn't find any nice tool for the cities).

So again thanks for you work, and if anytime you decide to build tools for dwarf mannors of cities, or tools for bigger cities inside here that would be great (maybe it does allow it and I wasn't smart enough to use it correctly).

And I apologyse my for bad english, not my native language.


This is exactly what I was looking for to build my village map for my first novel! Thanks so much <3 


this guy is a legend for putting all those assets for free


Decided to make an account just to post a comment. Allowing people to use the generator freely and not even requiring attribution is something people rarely do, which makes me think this amazing tool is just a side project for you. I'm very impressed with your work, and you're an amazing programmer, and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you


Thank you!


ideas are flowing through my head when i see this. Specifically Real-Time-Strategy games


I would love if the city builder looked like this! Or if this had similar options to the city builder!

(1 edit) (+2)

Great tool, I love it! If it is not too much to ask, would it be possible to include cliffs/mountains and more variety on the houses like L or U shaped? Then the generator would be perfect!


Thank you! I don't plan on adding mountains: people ask about this from time to time, but honestly I have no idea how mountains are supposed to look like on so small-scale maps. I do plan to add more diverse buildings, though.


Maybe cliffs is a better word than mountains on this scale. The gradient lines from the terrain already look pretty good to indicate different levels. Your style reminds me a bit of 2minutetabletop. He is doing cliffs pretty well in a matching style.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work! :-)


I am not at all aware of how much time and effort this must take, I'm hoping to get an idea, but I work a lot and don't have much time to learn. I know you havent asked, but would it be possible to add a feature where you select if you want rivers, plains, or moutain regions for the city? keep up the great work, i use this to design all kinds of stuff from entire realms to whole cities, to random towns for my players to have a visual aid.

One thing you can do is come up with different styles for each region you want. Export the style JSON file and then just load it up when you want to create a specific type of region.


I love these villages, your generator is great.
Is there a way for not having buildings in the middle of a cultivated field? It's OK to be next to a field, but using a plough with a house in the middle must be damn hard :)

My current plan is to turn fields overlapped by buildings into something else - pastures, orchards etc.


This is an amazing tool, i would love to see a bit more options, sorry for the unsolicited feature requests but : 
- adding a way to change the number of main road (0-1-2 to stay in a village setting)
- adding small specific building (small chapel, windmill, watermill, stable, tavern/inn, cemetary, blacksmith, town square, well, granary, and some others...)
- you talked about palissade also, it would be awesome
- making sure no building can spawn on field, which is weird
- different roofing style (plank, tiled, slab roofs, hay roofs, and so on...)
the book fantasy mapmaker is awesome for ideas. but your generator is way better, i just am a bit greedy wanting to see more in it ^^ i will consider supporting via patreon as soon as i get a new job

  • Enter - generate a new village
  • Shift+Enter - reroll a current village
  • Tab - open the Tags window
  • C - open the Style settings window
  • E - toggle relief visualization
  • F - toggle fields
  • S - toggle shadows
  • N - toggle the plate
  • T - toggle trees
  • Shift+T - reroll trees
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - apply one of the preset styles

This is fantastic - I needed a small map to work on a game and this did the job perfectly.


I haven't tried this yet, but this sounds absolutely PERFECT for making maps!!

(1 edit) (+1)

As a fellow developer, I know you just LOVE unsolicited feature requests, so here’s mine specifically chosen for you:

Tower(s) and/or Fort(s). IMHO unless the village is in an absolute safe country, there will always be a need for a strong fall-back point for defense.

Thanks so much for all your work, all your generators are amazing!

Well, in my opinion, villages didn't have to have a fort or anything that serious. This, of course, strongly depends on the setting: a viking village and a late medieval village deep inside a feudal state are pretty different. Adding a keep shouldn't be hard, but I think it would make a village look less "villagy", almost like a town or motte-and-bailey. What I am going to try is to add a palisade as an option for the outpost feel.


I vecchi link ora sono inutili, i villaggi che avevo prerato sono stati completamente stravolti. peccato

I'm sorry, but this is the costs one has to pay for using a project in active development. There is no (easy) way around.


comprendo, almeno sapere che il tutto può solo che migliorare rende una perdita accettabile, in caso ora con questa consapevolezza ci si adatta nell'eventualità che ricapiti. Grazie 

(3 edits) (+2)

A lot of really nice changes here! Appreciate all your work on this update (and in general).

On this point here - "The default map size is now medium (formerly known as small)" - does that mean that maps are smaller in general? Large is now the old medium and so on? 

Unless I'm missing some options, it does appear to be that way. Selecting "Large" and "Dense" tags makes a pretty small village compared to what it used to make.

EXAMPLE: This "large village" is really a lone farmhouse with 1 building and a population of 5. https://watabou.github.io/village-generator/?seed=1541230033&tags=large

Is there any way to get back the ability to make larger villages?


Agree, I would like to have the bigger sized villages back

No, maps are not smaller in general. In the previous version(s) there were 3 size available: default, small and tiny. The default map size was the largest one - default. In the current version exactly the same 3 sizes are available, but they are called differently (and more clearly): large, medium and small. Apart from the names, the default size has been changed: it is now medium (former small) instead of large (former default). So the generator does produce smaller maps, but only if it's not told otherwise. Why? Because I think that medium-sized maps a) look better and b) are more useful on average.

While large size of map (and high density) usually means a larger size of a village, a town-like scale is not guaranteed. Cases like your example happened before, it is not something introduced in the latest update. Maps like this one are more common: https://watabou.github.io/village-generator/?seed=906625696&tags=large.


OK so New Medium and Old Small are the same size. Got it.  The oddball very small village is fine and easily dealt with, I just had not experienced a single building village before myself.

There still does seem to be, on average, a tendency towards smaller population villages, even with "Large" selected. I went through a couple hundred generations just for testing and I couldn't get 1 village population over approx. the low 2,000s. I used to be able to get a population of 4,000 - 5,000 without any problem at all, usually within a couple dozen generations. If it is still possible to generate villages of this size population then it seems to be much more difficult to achieve.

I don't know, there might be reasons for that not related to all those cosmetic (as I said) changes with names and default size. The "area" for a village is created slightly differently now to enable non-square maps in future updates, and in theory this could affect "density" maps. I'll check it later. But to be honest, 4000 is a bit too much for a village anyway...

(2 edits) (+1)
there might be reasons for that not related to all those cosmetic (as I said) changes

I wasn't implying that they were related to the cosmetic changes. I was just acknowledging that the issue existed regardless of the cause.

I'll check it later.

Much appreciated!

4000 is a bit too much for a village

I personally agree with you and I use those larger "villages" for towns. VG looks great for this size settlement and I prefer the style over a comparable-size settlement created by MFCG, which I use for my cities.

Using the different styles of 1VG for villages/towns and MFCG for cities helps make them feel separate and helps the cities feel very large. (Just explaining my process and why I use it this way.)


Just wondering if you had a chance to look into this or maybe stumbled across the cause? 

I was trying again to generate large, dense villages and getting results like 32 population. I am unable to get the larger village populations and number of buildings I was in previous builds.

Would really like to see this come back if possible. I know you mentioned villages not having, for example, 3-4000 population, but there's no reason to limit it for those that want to use your generator for towns and villages. MFCG doesn't do towns well in my opinion and they looked great in VG.

Also whether you agree with that or not, you do have to admit populations under 100 is not a "large", "dense" village. :) Appreciate your consideration on this.

OK, I finally had time to look into it and I tend to agree that villages requested as "large" + "dense" end up being quite small too often.  Such cases don't look like bugs, more like undesirable results caused by unfortunate combination of randomly chosen parameters. In the next update  this will be fixed this way or another.


sarebbe utile avere la possibilità di avere un cimitero, almeno da rendere più veritiero il sessueguirsi del tempo in un dato luogo, così da ricordare che il tempo passa per tutti.

(1 edit) (+2)

Would love a Crossroads option — choose three-way or four-way!


could you also make a pixelart version of it? like i have road tiles, house tiles, farm tiles, water tiles etc and it generates ? pls...


Hey, this is amazing work. Two ideas for useful additions if you'd like to hear them: the ability to 1. change the number of large buildings in the town, 2. add landmarks like your medieval city generator. This is because I'd like to use these maps for dungeons and dragons and label locations of interest like taverns, blacksmiths, seamstresses, etc

  1. Why would you like to be able to change the number of large buildings? Do you think there are too many of them, too few, or you just need a specific number?
  2. Village landmarks are on my list. I still have to figure out how to implement them in a better way than in MFCG. Btw, some points of interest are already generated procedurally, but are not displayed a on map. You can see a list of them in the browser console.

I would like the ability to set a specific number, but as a general concept i would say that there are too few large buildings. Thanks again

I'll consider it 👍


Hey bud, checking in again. Tried your twitter but messages not allowed, so if you have a chance please hit me up on twitter, @ETHVillages_NFT. Hope to talk soon! Have a great day!

Hey, saw your tweet. I’m gonna reply there. Cheers!


Hey bud! Absolutely amazing generator! Hands down my favorite! I actually used your generator to make some real money and I would very much like to share some of the wealth with you! I would also like to know if you are open to creating new projects together! Would love to partner up with you! Have a great day & hope to hear from you soon


one word: DND


Molto molto bello come generatore, mi storce un po il naso il fatto che quando ricarico un link di una delle mappe che ho preso, gli alberi non sono uguali alla prima volta in cui ho scelto la mappa del villaggio stesso, dove magari la prima volta prima di prendere il link è pieno di alberi, il link mi da pochissimi alberi e non posso cambiare molto per riportarlo allo stato che volevo. Comunque apparte ciò molto bello.


Great and useful piece of software for worldbuilders. Thank you for making those available.

As a side-note: is it possible to use "round caps" for the walls of the buildings in the SVG exports (for both Village and Neighbourhood Generators) ? I'd be happy to propose a merge request if sources are accessible.

"Butt" caps in these generators are a bug and will be fixed👍


Been making a few with dm for our sessions, is there any plans to add warp options to this or how many roads like in city generator? would love to see some housing control like spacing and sizes, and terrain variable control like swamps, hills mountains, keep up the great work, love the systems

The village generator works very differently from the city generator and it would be very hard to implement a warp tool here. I'll probably allow to edit the underlying population density map (currently it's generated automatically) which essentially defines the shape of a village. Regarding the number of roads, there will be an option to choose one of road configuration: highway, dead end, cross roads, maybe something else.


very great work


Amazing work , keep up the great great job , thank u so much for making it free. 

It's epic as it is but if you want ideas :

Walls , Caves , Different Buildings , Castles , abandoned Places , Little ships , flags...

(These are just suggestions but even if not added this is so so epic , thx again)


Hey I got a bug where a lake formed in a field. Parameters were default map size, high population, coast. Here is a perma link. https://watabou.github.io/village-generator/?seed=478974019&tags=high%2Ccoast

Yeah, it happens from time to time and it will be fixed eventually. To be honest, I don't think it's a big deal: in this case someone just got lucky to have a pond on their field. Sometimes the generator builds piers in such ponds and that really is silly :)


hello is there way to add crossroad


You mean a crossroads of two large roads? Currently it's not possible but this will change in the future.


hello this generator is very nice it is done very well, but it would be nice to be able to add walls like in the fantasy city generator

Yeah, this may become possible in the future.


This is awesome, great work! If I could leave a suggestion, it would be to perhaps have a plaza or market spawn along with the other buildings?


Yeah, adding squares/markets/village greens is on my list. Meanwhile you can try generating square neighbourhoods in the Neighbourhood Generator. It's not the same but sort of close.


Question. How is the population calculated here? I generated a few villages and got (in my opinion) weird results. Assuming that all houses are family homes (no stores, no storage facilities, workshops), there have to be quite big households.

A few examples with medium density (first three for small maps, last two for default) are in the table below. The last one seems fine, the rest...

I am not sure if I am overlooking something obvious or if the automated calculation is a bit off.

PopulationBuildingsPersons per household

I can't speak for the developer, but this is how I've viewed it:  historically a dwelling would have two parents, several children (up to 8 or 10 depending on various factors, 4 is a good average assumption), and 2 to 4 grandparents.  There might also be a couple aunts and uncles.  So that's around 8 to 10 people per household, using my educated guess assumptions.  How many other buildings there would be beyond houses would depend on various factors, but a general rule of thumb is the larger the village the more buildings will be not-houses.  You'd want grain storage, animal housing, and the like for any village.  As it gets larger you'd start to see taverns, inns, shops, government buildings, brothels, et cetera.  There's going to be some kind of calculus relating the average population to the average number of shops, of taverns, of restaurants, et cetera, but that's beyond my level of education on the subject.

If you're designing a village for a tabletop game or something like that, it's easy enough to re-jigger the numbers to your liking (5 people on average per household, say) and pick a number of buildings based on that average.  That's what I do.

The values in your table seem right. The formula for population is very simple:

population = number_of_buildings * random_number_around( 5 )


  • The average number of persons per household was much higher in a medieval rural settlement than in a modern city. The household usually consisted of an extended family (as @SophieNicole mentioned): the main couple, their children (not 1-2, but rather 3-4), some of their unmarried brothers and sisters, the husband's parents etc.
  • I use a much smaller multiplier (5) than a reasonable average number of persons per household to take into account the fact not all buildings are farmhouses. Another reason is to make that value not so odd for a modern eye.
  • I use random numbers instead of a fixed value to disguise the simplicity of the formula (otherwise the population of a hamlet of two houses would always be 10 for example) and also to "emulate" cultural differences.
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