Keyboard shortcuts

  • Enter - generate a new village
  • Shift+Enter - reroll a current village
  • Tab - open the Tags window
  • C - open the Style settings window
  • E - toggle relief visualization
  • F - toggle fields
  • O - toggle orchards
  • S - toggle shadows
  • N - toggle the plate
  • T - toggle trees
  • Shift+T - reroll trees
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - apply one of the preset styles


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Hi, I really enjoy this generator. A few things might improve it.

1. First would be to dirty up the place. Villages are never that neat or clean. They are built around big rocks or large trees. Roads are dirty and dusty. Where are all the cows and horses kept?

2. Water sources are a must, you need wells.

3. A variety of roof types

4. A variety of tree types and colors.

Thanks for all your hard work on these apps.