Here is a list of features I'd like to implement in this generator soonish. These are things that I am interested in adding for one or more reasons and I have at least some idea how to do it...



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1. How do you get the trees to look like that? That is very nice!

2. Can you tell us what the scale is for the villages? Like is a 300x300 map what 300 meters?

Thank you for this very nice generator!

  1. You mean all trees being of different colours? In the Style dialog you can specify more than one colour for trees. In this case there are five of them.
  2. I don't have an exact value, but yeah, about 300 or maybe 200 meters.

Absolutely awesome!

Can you give some direction on the algorithm used to create the same?

Please give separate drop-downs for biomes, seasons and day/night for more creation flexibility.


Palisades could be interesting! I'd be cool to see settlements that have expanded beyond their walls for farmland or dwellings. Or walled Orchards. 


Wonderful :')


Great improvements, as always. I’m looking forward to the palisade if it becomes feasible. Would a motte-and-bailey combination work with it?


Well, villages in this generator are quite often placed on top of (or next to) a hill, so with a palisade this will give us a natural motte and some kind of bailey. However, right now I'm not planning to implement keeps, bridges, ditches or anything like that.


Really excited for palisades !