...I didn't want my caves to look like reskinned regular dungeons - rectangular shapes of rooms and right angles of corridors are too easy to spot. At the same time I wanted to have well-defined caverns and tunnels, because clear zoning makes maps interesting...


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Looks good. Made me smile to see hexes though, but not great for distance calculations.

As @ecrivouilleur mentions, some contour options might be nice too. As caves are rarely level like a man made judging. 

Great start though. So keep it up. Did not know I could comment on Itch  before.



Very nice work as usual. As I am sure you will update this in the future, may I suggest that you add the possibility for some rooms and tunnels' low points to be filled with water ?

And since it's my first time commenting on your work : thank you very much for all of your fantastic generators. :) Never used them in any project at the moment, but they all have me dreaming of fantastic worlds and possibilities.

I will definitely try adding water, although here it might be harder to do than in 1PDG...