2.0.2: water

There is just one new feature in this update and this feature is water: some area of a cave system may be covered with water now. Here it looks very similar to how it looks in dungeons of 1PDG.



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You do some great work as so far I really enjoy all the things you have created. 

I have somewhat of a request.

Have you heard of Obsidian the markdown note taking app? If you haven't it is free and there is so much you can do with this app. There is a huge RPG community for it and some of the plugins are simply amazing. 

I was wonder if you might be convinced to look into creating a plugin (or plugins) for some of your stuff that could integrate it into Obsidian?

It would be awesome if you could and there is huge discord community with quite a few developers active in the various channels.

I've heard of Obsidian, but never used it. I am afraid I'm not familiar enough with the whole idea to create plugins for it, I don't even know what integrating would mean in this case.


Obsidian can use HTML so it might not be that difficult to do. 

What would be even easier for you is if we could download the files in markdown format (instead of the format we download then now in). If you did somehow get it set so we could download in the markdown format it would fall on our end to integrate it how we wanted into Obsidian. 


That's a very cool addition! Thank you very much for this.


Thanks. Your work is inspiring.  Have you considered a side-view dungeons / caverns generator?  Isometrics?

Yeah, I considered that. Both isometric and especially side-view maps would be interesting tasks to work on, but it doesn't look like many people need them.


That's interesting, I disagree.  It'd be cool to actually pair the two somehow.   I like to alternate map perspectives as I gm so the players have more terrain challenges and  get to use more non-combat skills.  Also more precarious combat. 

If each room is assigned a depth, a generally linear dungeon could be easily laid out in both perspectives.
If rooms were color coded or something, this could maybe allow sideviews which account for less linear dungeons