City Generator 0.10.0-alpha is (reluctantly) released. Please note the word "alpha". It means that this version is just a preview and it doesn't replace the current stable version 0.9.2. The alpha is available at a separate location: https://watabou.github.io/city-generator/0.10.0...



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Amazing works ! Great job ! I have a question, is the json export is a geojson valid ? because when i try to use it with QGIS, it doesnt seem to understand the format.

Thank you! Initially it was GeoJSON, but for me it was inconvenient to use, so I made some changes. So now it just resembles GeoJSON without being compatible with anything.


thanks ! I use the php script of Tom (https://itch.io/profile/lemuriaorg) to convert your json export to valid geojson. By the way where the hack did you learn that language of your source code ? :P

Haxe? It is not an exotic language :)