Keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Enter - generate a new city
  • Tab / G - toggle Generate window
  • T - toggle Town window
  • S - toggle Style window
  • C - open Color scheme window
  • W - switch to Warp mode
  • L - toggle label mode

Mouse actions:

  • Shift+click a ward to reroll its inner geometry
  • Shift+click the compass to reroll it
  • Roll the mouse wheel over the compass to rotate it
  • Cmd(Ctrl)+click the compass to reset it

Warp mode keyboard shortcuts:

  • Enter - submit changes and exit the Warp mode
  • Esc - discard changes and exit the Warp mode
  • D - activate Displace tool
  • R - activate Rotate tool
  • L - activate Liquify tool
  • X - activate Relax tool
  • B - activate Bloat tool
  • P - activate Pinch tool
  • M - activate Measure tool
  • E - activate Equalize tool
  • +/- - increase/decrease the effect area size of the current tool

Warp mode mouse actions:

  • Roll the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the effect area size of the current tool


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This tool used to have an option to export as a .svg file and I can't figure out how to do that now.  Is that still an option or has that been removed?

Edit:  Figured it out, the export function is on the settlement dialogue.


Hi. I am having trouble getting the custom URL to work and return me to a previously generated map. It always just generates a new map. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.