1.6.0: archipelagoes, adding and removing towns

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Any chance you'll let us add dungeons as well as towns?



Export as png not working for me, anyone else?

Could you please describe how exactly it's not working? Nothing happens when you choose Export as PNG in the context menu or it's something else? Did it work before?


That exactly. I select export as png and nothing happens. Export as svg works and the link you provided to the other version works fine. Just the main version listed here has the issue, and just since the update. Thanks. 

Could you check your browser's console? It sounds like something breaks along the way and there should be messages about that.


Perilous.js:22299 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'get_filters')

    at com_watabou_perilous_mapping_elements_Header.exportAsPNG (Perilous.js:22299:113)

    at com_watabou_perilous_mapping_MapView.exportPNG (Perilous.js:19325:15)

    at com_watabou_coogee_ui_MenuItem.onClick (Perilous.js:5557:10)

    at com_watabou_coogee_ui_MenuItem.__dispatchEvent (Perilous.js:1142:15)

    at com_watabou_coogee_ui_MenuItem.__dispatch (Perilous.js:1882:73)

    at openfl_display_Stage.__dispatchStack (Perilous.js:60268:16)

    at openfl_display_Stage.__onMouse (Perilous.js:61544:9)

    at openfl_display_Stage.__onLimeMouseUp (Perilous.js:61203:8)

    at Array.tmp (Perilous.js:61004:4)

    at lime_app__$Event_$Float_$Float_$Int_$Void.dispatch (Perilous.js:41089:16)

I'll look into this, thanks!


you are the magic ether used to forge countless fantasy worlds. 🙏 🙏 


fantastic update