This generator is created for PROCJAM 2018. The "❄️winter edition❄️" is here.

Press Enter to generate a new mansion.

Camera keys:

  • 1 - Ground level perspective view
  • 2 - Default bird eye view
  • 3 - Top-down perspective view
  • 4 - Orthographic view
  • ` - Toggle auto-rotation
  • Arrow keys - Rotate the model
  • +/- - Move the camera closer/farther 

"Style" keys:

  • 5 - England
  • 6 - Italy
  • 7 - Germany
  • 8 - Russia
  • 9 - Night
  • 0 - Random

Other settings:

  • S - Turn on/off shadows.
  • A - Turn on/off ground ambient occlusion
  • F - Turn on/off fog
  • V - Turn on/off vignetting
  • B - Turn on/off flags
  • P - Toggle floor plan / 3D view, Up & Down to switch floors while view floor plans

This generator works on Android and iOS, but without a keyboard the only way to generate another mansion is to refresh the page.

Made with Haxe + OpenFL + Away3D.

Made withOpenFL
TagsCity Builder, Generator, mfcg, procgen, PROCJAM


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Love it! Maybe we'll someday get a similar castle generator?


I agree with others.  This generator is amazing but if seeds were given/published elsewhere and if control over size was given, this would automatically become incredibly useful to DMs and Dnd players alike.  If there's any way you could work on that that would be insane.


+ for getting a seed to always generate the same mansion, so this way you "save" it. Also, would be nice to have some sort of control in the number of rooms and floors. Amazing!

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Is it possible to save mansions (f. e.  get/set seed, as in map generators)?

Does source code publicized anywhere? 

Is it possible to save mansions (f. e.  get/set seed, as in map generators)?

Nope: to implement that seed-in-the-url thing I'd have to publish the generator somewhere else because I can't access the url on

Does source code publicized anywhere?

Nope: it's too much work for me to clean the code, upload it etc , sorry :)

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Another awesome generator!

Is it possible to export the floor plan to graphic?

Currently it's not possible, but I've added it to my to-do list 👍


can i ask the proc-gen step process you use for this?  you create much more realistic floor plans than I've been able to. I'm interested in making internal mansion plans for a proc-gen thief-like game but i've been struggling with believable floor plans. Any insight would be great! (as a Geographic Information Systems programmer by trade, your city gen and mansion gen stuff is really really cool.

Here is a copy of my answer to a similar question somewhere else:

    1. I choose a size of a mansion in "squares". The smallest possible mansion is 4 squares big, the largest is about 200 I guess. When it's too big it stops looking like a a single building, more like a cluster of several ones.
    2. Then I generate a polyomino of that size. This becomes a ground plan of a mansion. The smallest mansions look like Tetris pieces when viewed from the top.
    3. Then I split this shape into rectangular "wings". For that I look for the largest rectangle within it, then the next and the next etc.  Large wings have more floors, small wings have fewer of them (unless they can be seamlessly attached to large ones). One-square wings become towers.
    4. At the end I build a 3D model of this stuff.

If you need just a floor plan, than a short summary of this algorithm is "generate a polyomino, split it into rectangles". I hope it helps :)


This is really well done, great work! (And I just noticed you made Medieval Fantasy City Generator as well, nice)


This looks awesome! \o/ Makes me wonder how it would look on the inside


This is neat! The ground ambient occlusion and vignetting are nice touches. Makes it look like a photograph.


This is really cool watabou! Been a huge fan of yours seen I got sucked into Pixel Dungeon, keep doing the good stuffs. As sgcarney said, I would love to see floor plans being added too. You can incrementally add new furnishings/wallpapers/floor styles and whatnot, or just have it be a one-time thing.  I may just use some of these for my own games/artwork.    :D 


there's a surprising lack of windows on most first floors =P

Yeah, it seemed to me that there were just too many windows when they started right from the ground. I've made some changes since then, so maybe I should change that "no ground floor windows" rule...


I was following this on Twitter, but I didn't know the styles were, dare I say? window dressing and they all shared the same structure.  That's really cool.

Is there a button to generate a new house?  I've been refreshing the page.

Press Enter to generate a new mansion.



This is great!!!  There are pretty original designs! It evens generates inner patios :-D 


Thanks! Sometimes these patios are completely inaccessible (other than through a window) - that's pretty unhygienic  :)


This is truly wonderful work!

What kind of license would you consider for these generated pieces being used as the basis for other works of art, or in game content?

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Thank you!

There is probably a proper name for such license, but basically it's the same as with MFCG:

You can use maps stuff created by the generator as you like: copy, modify, include in your commercial rpg adventures etc. Attribution is appreciated, but not required. 

That is amazing!


Really cool!  Fantastic work.  :)




I'd die if I could download this 3d model.


This is pretty cool. Think it's possible to make it so it also creates a floorplan that matches?  That might be really hard to do, but super useful.


Roleplaying much? :) As a GM, I would find that immensely useful too! But congrats on the tool in any case.


It's totally possible and probably not even that hard depending on requirements.


I think I speak for all of us GMs when I say that this has the potential to be a use-every-session tool with the simple addition of generated floor plans. Add that, and when combined with Kobold Fight Club, I'd say this will be a must-have in any digital GM toolkit.