Tiny fixes and preview of hatching

This update includes 2 tiny fixes:

  • Zooming with the mouse wheel is disabled, because I've got many reports saying it causes a crash (works fine for me though). I think it's something about the way how OpenFL handles scaling graphics and I hope to properly fix it later. Don't forget that you can switch to full screen by pressing a semi-transparent button in the bottom right corner to get a better view of the map.
  • The generator should create triangular buildings less often now, even in "chaotic" neighbourhoods. I can't eliminate them completely, but I have some ideas how to improve the situation with individual buildings shape.

To make this post a little more interesting I've added a couple of screenshots with hatching which will be added in the next "big" update (click the thumbnails to see the difference).


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This is seriously cool, and I expect I'll make use of it in the future as a base to lay out a more artistic map, thanks for your time. I'd like to see a button to define how chaotic versus orderly a city is, and I second the village generation as well!

Is it possible to make the building lots triangular, but the buildings themselves would be square? I clearly know nothing about your algorithm or generator, but if you draw the triangle shape as the fence, you could draw rectangles inside making them more in line with actual houses.

Regardless, this generator is very cool!

Any chance of doing a village option that just has 5-6 houses and 1-3 roads going through with some fields? :D

I second your sentiment about the lots for the smaller town sizes. The larger ones should seem more chaotic. I would also love to see a small village option with just a few houses and maybe a large village that would be between a small village and a small town.

Commented here on the most frequent suggestions and mentioned smaller wall-less towns there, but I'm afraid villages need their own separate generator, because they are quite different from towns/cities. It shouldn't be too hard though, maybe I'll try it when I get tired of cities :)