0.2.2: Temples, wards overview

I keep working on adding water bodies and shantytowns or rather an infrastructure for them. Meanwhile here is an update with some small features and bug fixes:

  • Main temples (cathedrals). These are big structures similar to castles usually overlooking the plaza.
  • Wards overview: press and hold the SHIFT key to see all the wards labels. It's just a helper function, not an attempt to implement proper mapmaking labelling. Not yet.
  • Improved support for the tooltips on touchscreen devices.
  • Numerous minor bugs fixed. I'm pretty sure numerous new bugs introduced on the way

I've spent some time adding permalinks to generated maps only to realize later that they would't work here on  itch.io (because the generator itself is loaded into an iframe and can't access the address bar). I need to check maybe they have api for this kind of stuff.

Also I consider implementing an alternative mode to hide individual buildings like on the second screenshot. For those of you who are annoyed by triangular houses :)

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