0.3.0: Wall-less layouts, city outskirts, smooth roads

List of changes:

  • Central plaza, citadel and city walls are now optional.  You can't switch them on and off yet, these parameters are chosen randomly. Later I will add a proper UI (checkboxes) for them.
  • City outskirts get spawned for walled cities.  Right now only regions next to the gates get populated, in the future I'm going to enable generating as many extramural wards as needed.
  • Improved layouts for castles and temples. New createBuilding function tends to produce rectangular structures more often than the previous one. Also for the temple an alternative cloister-like plan is sometimes chosen.
  • Smooth roads. Roads outside of a city are now drawn as splines, not as polylines. I think this way they look more natural, although sometimes you can notice a glitch when they are cut off horizontally by a pixel or so.
  • New drawing style for gates. Now they are drawn as passages in the wall instead of "bricks" across a road. It should make them more visible.
  • Slightly improved alleys planning, especially for military wards. To be honest I don't remember what it means... Alleys get planned better now I guess? :)
  • Improved polygon offsetting (buffering) algorithm. It sounds boring and the explanation of what it actually means would probably be even more boring, so I'm gonna skip it. But I must say that it took a lot of time to implement and not without a reason. In practice it should fix that type of glitches when a street suddenly narrows and similar ones.
  • Labels visibility is now toggled by the SPACE key instead of the SHIFT. Because SHIFT messed up taking a screenshot on mac.
  • Forests removed. They didn't look much like forests and I don't think anybody cared about them anyway.

This version of the generator is also available at this url: fantasycities.watabou.ru. There you can copy and share permalinks to specific maps, in other respects there are no differences (for now).

What's next?

I'm going to keep improving the current set of features and fix bugs of course. The next big thing I'm going to work on though is rivers and coasts. I have a clear idea how to do it and even some infrastructure for them implemented, but no screenshots to show yet. Stay tuned!


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Is there any possibility to export SVG or other types of machine-readable vector shapes?

Not yet but it will be added later

Looks amazing.  two minor points:

  1. I think if there are multiple plazas that should be a far distance apart.   You often have them adjacent.
  2. I also think that plaza's are more often rectangular rather than random polygons.

Again, minor quibbles.

  1. It doesn't happen too often because that's exactly the criteria for a market placement: to be not adjacent to the central plaza. When there are no better place for it though, it does get accepted. I can change it to discard such layouts but it will increase generation time...
  2. I agree with you, but with the current algorithm there is not much I can do about it, hopefully I'll find a way to fix it

Hey, really nice work. I found it on the rpg channel on reddit. Is there a printable or export version ? Also do you wish to open source your code ? Thanks

Cheers! I mention exporting here (there is no such feature yet). The source code will be opened later (someday:))