0.9.0: new alleys and buildings

This update was supposed to be small and mostly focused on fixing a few bugs. Instead, it turned out to be big enough to increase the middle number of the version from 8 to 9. Here is what's new there: …link


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I am new to the logs and have used the web links in the past and love to see it used more. I have a "wish list of features" but have no idea of project scope or feasibility, much love to development team. If posted in wrong spot please reply and will move.

  • Rivers control-multiple, control through towns (warp causes rebuild and adds bridges), add small islands or vary the river width. It could be awesome to generate a "Venice" like city
  • Sprawl/ size- be able to edit a tuned size for generator, large barely gets to 30,000 people roughly but I've wanted to get larger cities generated/ but only way to get say 100,000+ population to do custom edits in Azgaar's and regenerate seed that way (and even that has limits) but not directly in web editor as far as I can tell
  • Multi layered walls- just a number of walled off area or able to wall off districts 
  • direct map setting or added areas - out side cities it could be cool to set as farm land, forest, water or marsh or blank
  • island or modified land mode- currently to get a peninsula is very hard to get on purpose and not possible for an island town

overall love what the generator can do.


I come back to this generator a few times a year nowadays (though I watch that town generator a lot more) and today followed the link from Azgaar's world generator-- pretty awesome to see them linked up.

I had one suggestion, though:  it'd be nice to be able to rotate the landmark 'bubble' around the tip of the 'pin', so that it would be possible to avoid overlapping important parts of a map.  Either just a slider/text input when editing the name of the landmark, or being able to click on the bubble and drag it around the pin (though that would be problematic when trying to move the landmark unless there was a special 'rotate' handle on it). 


Thank you for always working away at these generators.  I'm always impressed by your work, and wanted to say thank you!