0.9.2: assorted new features and improvements

...Same as with the dungeon generator, I needed to fix the "export=" feature here and the rest of the changes are just random items from my todo list...(more)


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Thank you! I have been using this in campaigns for a while now and appreciate its existence. My only question/request is will it be possible at some point to add multiple rivers in a town?


I love this tool! How did you manage to set the aspect ratio of the map above?

It is not possible to set the aspect ratio of a city, but when it is exported (PNG/SVG), the aspect ratio of the resulting image matches the aspect ratio of the city. As a result, exported maps usually look better.

Did the custom size thing broke? I have no idea how to change it now.

Hello, there.
I love this generator.

The only thing I miss is the option to import previous maps.

I wish to you great fortune and health.

Keep with the great work.


A rewrite from scratch sounds good. The main thing I've been anticipating is better looking shorelines, which you mentioned awhile ago; I take it that's been too hard with the present codebase. I don't know how a rewrite would/should affect Azgaar integration; for myself, if I'm concerned about saving exactly how a city looks in an Azgaar map, I generally save it as an image. But if people have concerns about stability (like the comment here about districts), I could see benefits to keeping the original city generator available while posting the newly rewritten one.

I continue to be oddly fascinated by this tool, it's so satisfying. Also I'm sure countless RPG groups have explored your cities without necessarily leaving any comments. Here's to many more years of random cities!


Some ideas that'd be cool to add: universities would be cool, you could claim a church is one but still; graveyards would be nice to have on the map; city watch towers not anchored to walls, they could sit at intersections of districts


This update completely changed the districts in the map I was working on last night, how can i fix this or change the districts?? can I access the older version??


No, sorry. That happens sometimes with new updates (so it's good I don't update this often).


I guess I can't use this with Azgaar's fantasy map generator anymore then

Thank you for all the joy and hope you gave me with the initial version though. What an amazing concept. 


oh no. same here, but for around 58 cities :( 
The response is very disappointing.