0.5.5: Farm fields, rotation tool and city names

Farm fields

To fill the emptiness of the space outside city walls, a random number of farm fields is now spawned. You can disable them in the Layout submenu. If you think they are drawn incorrectly, then you are not alone :P

More on the subject here and here.

Rotation tool

It's now possible to rotate a map as a whole. For that, while in the Warp mode shift+click any point and drag. It can be useful if you are satisfied with a map in general, but you want it to be oriented differently. Shift+clicking in th Warp mode may not be obvious, but I wanted to avoid creating new buttons.

More on the subject here.

City names

I knew there were very many name generators around, but I didn't know there were SO many of them. Still, I've created a new one to name generated cities. It's pretty simple and it produces a mixture of English sounding names (e.g. Boridge Port) and heroic fantasy names (e.g. Elmsword). You can disable it in the Annotations submenu and you can reroll the name without creating a new city by shift+clicking the title.

More on the subject here.

Map legend

Map legend (disabled by default, can be enabled in the Annotations submenu) provides an uncluttered (though maybe less readable) alternative to ward labels. You can changed the corner in which the legend is displayed using the arrow keys. It's a last minute addition to this update, I hope it's not too buggy.

Smooth coast

If Simplified water is disabled the coastline is now drawn as a smooth curve, not as an ugly fractal-ish thing. I should have done it long time ago...

Block view

Blocks is a new option in the Buildings submenu. When it's checked, no individual buildings are drawn and the focus is shifted towards streets. I think it may be useful for maps of large cities and in cases when you want to highlight just a handful of POIs.

More on the subject here.

Other changes

  • Archivo Narrow font is now used for all annotations. I like Merriweather font which was used before, but it's probably too "fancy" for the current plain style of the maps.
  • Isolines are slightly changed.
  • No stroke option for buildings. It works like the old Block view option.
  • Street width variation. There are 3 types of streets in MFCG: main streets, regular streets and alleys. Until now they all had fixed widths, now I've added some variation to them.
  • Better labels. Some weird kerning is fixed.
  • Continuous layout option is removed. I think nobody cared about it anyway.
  • "Gradient glitch" is fixed.

Please check a dedicated subreddit about MFCG /r/FantasyCities.


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Loving the cartography skills. Do you know the maps by designer and studio Joost Grootens? Worth checking out!  






Aaaa this is looking so dope. It's exciting to see it grow visually. Great work!