0.6.0: Custom colors, scale bar, elevation

Major refactoring

This is not something users normally should care about, but it's really important for future development and I've spent a lot of time on it, so I mention it here as a number one item. Right now it just makes the generation process a bit faster and more robust; later it will allow me to implement some features, which seemed too complex before.


The maps are still 2D, but if the "Layout > Elevation" option is checked, alleys get affected by a "gradient field", which emulates a presence of height difference. The gradient is stronger around the castle, close to the coast and on the river banks - this is where the effect is more visible. Some people on Twitter say that they don't see the difference though...

Custom colors

You can now set your own palette (which still consists of only 4 colors). For that you need define it in an SVG file and drag and drop that file onto the generator as shown in this gif. How exactly these palette files should look? Here are some examples for you: sand.svgspring.svgpatina.svg. Click these links and check the sources of the images, all you need to create a palette is to change color values.

Custom city names

You can now rename a city to whatever you like by clicking (not shift+clicking - that does rerolling as before) the name. No, you still can't rename neighborhoods, sorry. Maybe next time.

Scale bar

A very simple scale bar is implemented. It is always shown in the left-bottom corner of the window, i.e. you can disable it (Style > Annotations > Scale bar), but it cannot be re-positioned. You can toggle meters/yards by clicking the bar. Maybe in the future I'll make it more functional, but it doesn't look like high priority for me now.

Other changes

The coast is made smoother, the river is made smoother and it's more likely to run through the city, the central square is usually more rectangular, shantytowns tend to spread along the coast, river and roads, buildings are more uniform in size etc.

What's next?

I'm really looking forward to scrap the current "wards" system and finally get rid of all these Craftsmen, Gate, Administration. I'm sure nobody's going to miss them!


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Oh, I kind of liked the "wards." Great work, though!