0.4.2: Shanty towns and more options

Another small update. List of changes:

  • Shanty towns. In the "Options->Layout" menu you can check "Shanty towns" (unchecked by default) and get a lot of extramural wards. Probably not all of them should be shanty towns, maybe I'll interleave them with more respectable craftsmen wards in future versions. It's kind of experimental feature and sometimes it produces weird results.
  • More options are now exposed through the menu:
    • "Block view" may be useful for those who wants to mark their own points of interest. Also it reduces the noise level of the map.
    • "Towers" allows to choose the shape of the wall towers.
    • Checkable "Random" disables other layout options and forces the generator to use random values for them (like it worked before introducing the options).
  • A number of keyboard shortcuts is added: press C, P, T, W, S and O to toggled Citadel, Plaza, Temple, Walls, Shanty towns and Coast respectively. Press Enter to generate a new city of the same size group.
  • As usual, some small improvements are made, some old bugs are fixed, some new bugs are introduced.

In the next update I hope to implement EXPORT!!!

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