Neighbourhood Generator

Neighbourhood Generator is here. Here is a recap of the previous post on the topic:

"Recursive bisection with a twist" is a modification of simple recursive bisection which is a better fit for creating city blocks because a) it produces more natural-looking junctions and b) its simple recursive nature is less visible for the naked eye. I was going to implement this method in the city generator, but at that moment (half a year ago) it wasn't polished enough - too slow and too unstable. To see how it would look I've made an app that generated relatively small patches filled with streets and buildings using those "bent cuts" - this is where the idea of "neighbourhood generator" came from.

The new generator is an improved (created from scratch) version of that original neighbourhood generator with a better implementation of the bisection idea and with better visuals. Here are my unsorted comments as a bullet list: post…


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I love this generator! Far from having no real uses, I think it will make some great one-shot TTRPG locations, inspiration for short stories and even video game environments. I would love to see it have full customisation added please!



Hell yeah! Nice one!


this generator makes me want to run a Tiny Heist style game so badly