1.0.1: a bunch of QOL features

Neighbourhood Generator has been updated. This small update is all about adding more polish to the app, but before listing the changes let me elaborate a little on the topic of "uselessness" of this generator (feel free to skip my ramblings)


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And again, what a wonderful little tool this is. Perfect for "zooming in where the action is", where I think most people will want it to go. The more detail you can add, or the more detail options are available, the more popular this little generator will be. 

Kudos to you, sir! Great work. =)


This is really looking great watabou!

I echo what others here and on Patreon have said about the numerous ways these could be useful, I'll just add one other. One could create districts for services, markets, etc. and using a VTT like Foundry and a couple mods, players could move their own tokens around the map of the district and go -for example- shop wherever they want and even make purchases without my involvement. Fighter wants the armory. Cleric wants the temple. Mage wants the potion shop. Etc. Sure, great, everyone go do their own shopping, simultaneously, while I get a little time to prepare, take notes, etc. 

HOWEVER, I think something you said has merit "these neighbourhood maps are perceived as more detailed than MFCG's city maps, but in reality they are not."

OK, then could this level of detail be added to MFCG?  I think, when you boil it down, people are really just looking for MFCG with this level of detail.

(Although personally I still like the idea of an "overview" level of detail, like the current MFCG, with the ability to click a district and have a neighborhood map generate from a persistent seed.)


Just an idea but you could have a multiplayer game or world you could upload your city or neighborhood or dungeon or castle and manage trades from other citys or something

Overall favorite generators for world-building ever <3


This is just awesome, keep up the great work.


If you start with this tool and ask, "where could it go", there are some cool ideas that come up. Just for instance, why not create a wrapper for this that instead of tying into MFCG, generates an endless urban quiltwork (like flipping through one of those old city map books) - that way you could play never-ending expansive urban games in almost a hex-crawl way, leaping from generated neighbourhood to generated neighbourhood. Allow it to be placed into a future timeframe, not just past, add some special zones with industry/ports/spaceports, and you could do a starwars-style "urban planet" with this without ever mapping the overworld. It could become almost an auto-jerry-mapping tool.

Thanks! I thought about something similar, a way to "stitch" adjacent neighbourhoods without actually merging them. It doesn't imply the possibility of endless city-crawl, but still :)


I understand that to you it's a bit of an ugly stepchild, but I can clearly see how in the end this is going to be a cool product. I have two thoughts! First, as I see it, neighbourhoods  are defined by community. Quite often in both this and MFCG, the neighbourhoods don't even have a road connection - you'd have to leave the neighbourhood to get to another part of it. If there is a way to force that connection, I think it would significantly amp up the reality factor. Secondly, I absolutely love the quiltwork feel of this tool. You can hear people saying, "but I *WANT* it to be useful", and that's a sign to me that you have hit onto something that is new and opening up ideas. I'll create a new comment with a thought for how this could be expanded.


I enjoy all your generators so far and this one is awesome! 

One question/feature request: Is there any way to add space between the buildings? It would basically reduce the number of buildings in a map but add space between them as one would expect in some smaller towns. 

Thanks! I guess I can try to make "buildings" larger and treat them as lots to place smaller actual buildings on them…


I was thinking more like in the maps there are some buildings that have space between them but the majority of them are connected. The way you mention might work better but I am not a coder so I would not even have a clue how it works...lol.


Love the additions already. I think what would be great besides more customising, would be key locations like post office, local store, pub etc.

I get how this seems more like an idle side project but I'm thinking of all the ways I could construct TTRPGs around this scale of environment. There are plenty of games already existing built around childhood/adolescence already that I think would benefit from this sort of map. This generator fills a gap in the normal range of map spaces. Thank you for making it!


To give this a better utity, maybe MFCG could redirect to this to view more info about a borough, like Azgaar did for to it and OPDG