1.1.0: templates, large buildings and other features

Here is the first relatively large update of the Neighbourhood Generator. I guess it means this generator is now a part of the stack of my "big" generators after all. The most important features of this update are: link...


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awesome stuff! I enjoy this generator more and more.

I noticed one thing I'd like to report. The permalinks have spaces in them (in case the name of the town consists of multiple words). Could you replace spaces in links with "%20", so that it stays a complete link?
Also rotating the scene is great, but I wish it wasn't always bound by scrolling. If it was toggleable it'd be more useable.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining or demanding, I just mean to be helpful :)

  • Unescaped spaces are a bug I missed because I mostly tested the non-itch version of the generator (where the name is pushed right to the address bar of the browser and gets automatically escaped). This will be fixed.
  • I am going to replace mouse scrolling for rotating the map with SHIFT+mouse scrolling so it wouldn't mess with scrolling the page (I guess that is the problem?).



yes it scrolls the entire page while rotating the map (and scrolling the page rotates the map). Shift+Scroll would already be a big help.

OK, in the end I had to add a small dialog window with a slider for map rotation because the "shift+mouse wheel" combo doesn't work for some unknown reason.


yea it didn't work and personally I prefer the window. thank you :)


always appreciate your hard work in updating your past stuff.