1.3.0: roads and permalinks

Perilous Shores has been updated. This update consists of one big new feature (roads), one smaller new feature (permalinks) and a set of small visual changes…(more)


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Is there any chance that future updates where you can ask the  generator to generate the "next map over" with it remembering what was present at the edge of a map.

Depending on how much of continuity between maps you need, this may be pretty hard to implement. If you'd like two "neighbouring" (generated this way) maps to be seamlessly glueable, with roads, mountain ranges etc crossing the edge, then it's almost impossible. If two maps need to be just vaguely coherent (e.g. the original map is a coast running from east to west, then its extension to the west just needs to be a coast as well running from east anywhere else), then it's much easier to implement.


Ah, okay. That is sad.


Fantastic surprise to come back to after the holidays. Many thanks!



Thanks :D


With all of these awesome updates, how long before this just turns into a full on LotR world map generator? Lol man, watabou, using only your tools, a GM could visually illustrate their entire campaign in stunning and varying detail. Dungeons, towns, cities, like… <3 ty


Hoooo and it's still being updated! You're a straight up gift to the fantasy roleplaying community, watabou. Thanks for working so hard to bring us all this great stuff.