1.4.1: compass rose and other visual changes

...This post is longer than usual, so here is a list of highlights if you don't want to read it all:

  • Compass rose.
  • "Hollow" rivers.
  • Improved forest "blobs".
  • Rerollable towns.
  • More grid customization.
  • Plans to get rid of the legend.



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Exciting! Thank you for creating something so amazing.


Very nice!  Would it be possible to keep the legend as an option?

Why would you prefer the legend to map labels?


I would like it as an option, if possible, because there are times when I like the list of towns, etc. along the side.  I like the way it looks, the fact that the entire map isn't covered with labels and that there's a quick reference list.

I see, I'll think about it 👍

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Thanks.  BTW, this is the best map generator I've run across.  Thanks for working on it and sharing it.


Insane as always


Great job! Thank you!