1.5.1: vantage point and other visual features

The 1.5.1 is here. This is a relatively small update with just one new big feature and a number of small ones. The big feature is...

Vantage point

Some time ago (over a year ago, actually!) I experimented with what I called a "perspective view" back then. Squashing a map vertically is not really a perspective view, but it looked interesting, so now I finally decided to take care of all the details and implement it properly...



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Have you ever considered making the resulting map editable?

It would be wonderful to have the ability to add and remove towns, as well as to incorporate terrain brushes for the terrain itself, forests, mountains, deserts, and so on.  While I understand that implementing such features would require a considerable amount of work, I believe it would take this already impressive tool to the next level.

It's not off the table since editing is not impossible in this generator (unlike for example in Village or Dungeon generators). No concrete plans for that at the moment though.


The new vantage point feature works really well. How’s it done? Will the icons change size at any point?

Basically, every map here consists of a stack of "ground layers" (land, water, roads, forest blobs etc.) and "sprites" (individual trees, towns, mountains etc.). When the "vantage" parameters is lower than 1.0, the generator scales down the ground layers vertically, but not the sprites. It is possible to apply perspective transformation to the ground layers instead of simple scaling and make "distant" sprites smaller accordingly to create a real perspective view, but it's beyond the scope of the generator (also this).