1.5.2: improved rivers and bridges

When I implemented rivers in the Village Generator for the first time, I struggled with them a lot. Back then I ended up with something that looked more or less acceptable, but inside it was a total mess. This time, to make all the changes I wanted to make, I decided to rewrite everything river-related from scratch instead of refactoring...



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This is fantastic. The amount of work you put into making these generators as incredible as they are is impressive.


Amazing stuff as always, keep up the great work!


I love getting updates from you. You've created a gorgeous collection of tools! 


These tools are so entertaining to play with, thanks for creating them.

Some interesting ideas - once a map is generated have options to change the time of day (morning, noon, evening, night) and seasons.

I see night maps are already there and they look great!


Bendy rivers and multiple bridges look so good - lovely work!